Tang Hotpot 

Tang Hot Pot is a modern Chinese restaurant dedicated to bringing authentic Sichuan hotpot experience to New York while elevating and innovating the category to new heights. With food being the centerpiece, the team sources directly from Sichuan all premium Chinese ingredients for its signature soup broth and dipping sauces. The special numbing spicy soup base consists of more than 30 different kinds of Chinese medicines, herbs, spices and is cooked in beef tallow.

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Personal Experience

I have been to many different hotpot restaurant in New York, Tang Hotpot is the one that gave me a stunning experience both my eyes and my tongue among other restaurants. If you crave a hotpot place with a truly spicy broth, fresh and good quality meats, large amount of options (as far as different meats available), Tang is the place to stop.The design of the restaurant is a traditional inner design of ancient Chinese building. It provides an environment that makes people feel like they are eating hotpot in China. Also Tang has many tasty options, but we all know, the best thing about Sichuan hotpot is the broth, and here, they are absolutely on point.


Address:  135 Bowery, New York, NY 10002

Hours: Weekdays 5 p.m — 12 a.m.

Weekend 12 — 3:30 p.m, 5p.m — 12 a.m.

Phone: (917)412-9330

Reservation: https://resy.com/cities/ny/tang_hotpot