Options for Getting a High School Newspaper Online

On Thur. June 6, the NYC High School Journalism Collaborative at Baruch College hosted a professional development session for high school advisers and students interested in learning more about their options for online publishing.

Three services presented to the group and we recorded the pitches where possible.

Aaron Manfull, JEA Digital: JEA doesn’t provide hosting but it does provide information and resources about how and why to build an online school publication presence. Listen to our conversation with Aaron and download this one pager he shared with the group.
Contact: @manfull, aaronmanfull@gmail.com, aaronmanfull.com

Tom Hutchinson, School News Online: Watch the SNO webinar with NYC high school newspaper advisers and students. SNO’s paid service provides flexibility, customization and unlimited technical support. Pricing: For former my.hsj.org sites $300/yr until June 15, 2013. These same sites have a one-time $150 set-up fee between 6/15/13-9/15/13, plus the $300/yearly hosting fee. After 9/15/13 and for those who have never had a site on my.hsj.org the cost is a one-time set-up fee of $300 plus $300/yr.
Contact: contact@schoolnewspapersonline.com, 888.649.778

Jim Stovall, Interscholastic Online News Network: Due to technical issues, we were unable to record this call. ISONN offers FREE hosting of high school newspapers. Schools are responsible for buying their domain names ($10-$50/year). We have heard good things about NameCheap. Users have a limited number of WordPress themes from which to choose. Note: my.hsj.org used WordPress as well. ISONN encourages all online school newspapers to join its free network: http://www.isonn.com/join/.
Contact: jgstovall@gmail.com, 865.974.5109

Other services:
Contact: Zak Estes – zak.estes@ihigh.com, 317.903.8700

For more information, please read, “HS News Sites May Soon Publish Their Own Obits,” by Katina Paron for SchoolBook.







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