Submission Guidelines For 2021 NYC High School Newspaper Awards (The Newsies!)

We are pleased to be accepting submissions for 2021’s New York City high school newspaper awards – The Newsies! The competition – which is free of charge – is open to all NYC public high schools.

The entry deadline is October 25, 2021.

We very much look forward to seeing and acknowledging the outstanding journalism being produced within New York City’s public high school communities.   

Because of Covid-19 variants, we will not be holding an in-person 2021-22 conference. Instead, we will have a virtual conference for student journalists and newspaper advisors featuring workshops with journalism educators and practitioners via Zoom in January 2022. We will have our 2021 awards ceremony during the Zoom conference.

Stay safe and healthy! — Professor Geanne Belton

The Guidelines

  1. Entries must be submitted by Oct. 25, 2021.
  2. Entries must be submitted as PDFs of published pages or as links to online articles or editions.  All entries should be submitted to  Each entry should come as a separate email with the category as the subject line of the email. The email should begin with the name of your high school and the names of the student(s) who are responsible for the work being submitted. Entries must be sent to In a separate email, also to, please provide a list of all of your school’s entries and your contact information, including your cell phone number with “Entries and the name of your school in the subject line (We will refer to this email as the “list email.”) You will receive a reply to the list email with confirmation that we have received all of your entries. If you don’t receive a reply to your list email within 72-hours of sending all of your entries and the list email, please contact Professor Geanne Belton at with an email with the subject line “Urgent Newsies.” 
  3. There is no entry fee. Free!
  4. Only one entry is permitted per category for each school. If an article is a collaboration, more than one student’s name can be submitted. There is no limit on the number of times an individual student may be nominated in different categories. All entries must have been published in a school newspaper or on a school news website between October 1, 2020 and Sept. 1, 2021.
  5. Please note that by submitting entries to this contest, students are giving permission for their work to be promoted and for any portion or all of their work possibly published online and/or in print through Baruch College and with Baruch partners.
  6. Awards – Awards will be announced in early 2022.
  7. Questions? Contact: Geanne Belton (, cell: 914-522-7882.)
  8. Acknowledgments – This contest is being hosted by the NYC High School Journalism Collaborative at Baruch College and Baruch College’s Department of Journalism and the Writing Professions. We have received generous support from Baruch College and Baruch’s Department of Journalism and the Writing Professions, The David and Katherine Moore Family Foundation, Google, and The Harnisch Foundation. 

Below are the categories for which we are accepting submissions. Note: submissions that use social media-assisted reporting or rely on data are to be submitted within the subject categories below.

  • School News: Coverage of a school or local community-specific issue with original reporting, including interviews (ideally with three or more sources who are independent of each other.)
  • National/World News with a Local lens: Best of your localized coverage, bringing outside stories home to your school through original reporting, including interviews conducted by student journalists (ideally with three or more sources who are independent of each other.)
  • Features: Soft news and more in-depth articles that fall outside of standard school/community/world news and contain multiple sources obtained through students’ reporting, including interviews conducted by student journalists (ideally with three or more sources who are independent of each other.)
  • Illustration/Comics/Political Cartoon: Showcase your best student artist here
  • Opinion/Editorial Writing: Persuasive commentary on issues relevant to the high school community.
  • Sports: Original reporting of school or local sports teams and events.
  • Photojournalism: A photo that, with its caption, tells its own news or feature story or significantly enhances an accompanying news or feature story
  • Multimedia News Reporting/Broadcast: Includes any video, audio slide shows, interactive graphics, podcasts, etc.
  • Best NYC high school online newspaper edition.  Please provide a link to the edition you would like to nominate and the name of the student editor-in-chief.

Please keep in mind that judging will be based on quality of reporting and writing/illustration/multimedia content. Any fabrication or plagiarism will disqualify an entry. Photo/art submitted with an entry must comply with copyright laws.