Agenda – 2013

8:00 a.m.: Sign-in and Breakfast
• High school students will sit with their classroom teachers and be introduced to the seminar options and sign up for seminars.

9:00 a.m.: Welcome
• Welcome by Katina Paron, Director of the NYC High School Journalism Collaborative
• Keynote: Erica González, executive editor, El Diario/La Prensa

10:00 a.m.: Workshop 1
Why Rocking the Boat is Worth it  | How to Write a Delicious Food Story  |  Smart Phone Reporting  |  All Advisers Mtg  |  Letting Images Tell the Story: The art of photojournalism  |   Drawing the Reader in: Getting the most out of your illustrations and political cartoons   | No Cheering in the Press Box  |    Investing in Investigative Reporting  |  Making a Story with StoryMaker   |  Lightning Ledes

11:00 a.m.: Workshop 2
So You Want to Be a Film Critic?  |  Write with sway: Convince your reader good editorials & opinion pieces  |  Easy Peasy Production  |  Monthly (or Quarterly) AND Relevant? Here’s How  | Grammar for Journalists  |  The Devil’s in the Details: Copyediting 101  | Getting Good Quotes: The art of the interview  |   The Music of Writing  |   Freedom of the Press: Do Students Have It?

Noon: Workshop 3
Censorship Pressure?  A roundtable discussion | Writing about Contemporary Popular Music  |  Just the Facts, Ma’am | Bringing Big Stories Home: The Art of Localizing News     |  Shoot Verbs, Not Nouns: Making your photography sharper  |  Using Social Media in Reporting  |  Making WordPress Work for You  |  Show, Don’t Tell: Use the data in your stories to create visualizations  |  The Editor’s Role  |  Nitty Gritty of Newspaper Design

1:00 p.m.: Lunch

1:45 p.m.: The Newsies! Award Ceremony
Hosted by Michael Aronson, Editorial Board, New York Daily News

2:30 p.m.: Thank You and Goodbye!

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