The Newsies! – 2016

Welcome to The Newsies!, the only high school newspaper competition for New York City public school student journalists.  Please join us in congratulating the 2016 Newsies! winners. Check out the New York Daily News‘ coverage of the award ceremony.

School News
firstplace“Common Core Testing Affects Hillcrest Algebra Scores,” by Jailene Peralta, Hillcrest HS

* Runner-Up “The Great Mascot Debate,” by Miguel Salazar and Kyle Pineyro, Benjamin N. Cardozo HS
* Honorable Mention  “Grades vs. Uniforms: A debate is on,” by Fatoumata Ceesay, Eximius College Preparatory Academy
Judges: Gail Robinson (freelance) and Alex Zimmerman (ChalkBeat) 

Community News
* Honorable Mention 
“Black Lives Matter: Freedom and Justice for All Black Lives,” by John Pritchett and Crystal Pires, Bayside HS
Honorable Mention “Gentrification and Hillcrest: How will our school evolve as Jamaica becomes the “New Williamsburg”?” by Karen Sacta and Beatriz Gomez de Castro, Hillcrest HS
Judges: Geanne Belton (Baruch College) and David Cruz (Norwood News)

National/World News
firstplace* “The Faces Behind the Fear: Muslim Harrisites respond to recent upsurge in Islamophobia,” by Laura Marsico, Mohima Sattar and Ashley Sealey, Townsend Harris HS

Election-Related Reporting
* “Election Simulation sparks debate over accuracy and appropriateness,” by Olivia Chan, Townsend Harris HS

Runner-Up “The Presidential Chase,” by Zainab Tahir, Taishiry Salazar, Ariana Alvarado and Jaspreet Khera, Hillcrest HS
Honorable Mention  “Randolph Witnesses The South Bronx and Brooklyn Feeling the Bern!” by Shannen Torres, A. Philip Randolph Campus HS
Judges: Devin Harner ‎(John Jay College of Criminal Justice) and Katie McDonough (Fusion)

 firstplace* “An Internal and Eternal Battle,” by Brooke Relosa, RFK Community HS

* Runner-Up “Deferred Inaction: Undocumented students on the challenges of high school and higher education,” by Jason Lalljee, Townsend Harris HS
* Honorable Mention “Can you find true love online?” by Alexa Carcano, Eximius College Preparatory Academy
* Honorable Mention 
“Has ‘Netflix And Chill’ Made Dating Outdated?” by Reidun Richards and Briana Costello, Fort Hamilton HS
Judges: Peter McDermott (Irish Echo) and Gisele Regatao (Baruch College)

firstplace* “Star Wars: Townsend Awakens,” by Hailey Lam and Julliette Paul, Townsend Harris HS

* Runner-Up “Farewell Starman,” by Carmella Lara, Frank Sinatra School of the Arts
* Honorable Mention “Punk is still partying hard, just look harder,” by Hannah Zeitner, World Journalism Preparatory School
Judges: Ralph Blumenthal (Baruch College) and  Amy Zimmer (DNAinfo)

Illustration/Comics/Political Cartoon
firstplace* “Off the Wall,” by Yeliz Sezgin, Fort Hamilton HS

* Runner-up  “Back to School Essentials,” by Parker Garvin, Curtis HS
* Honorable Mention “A Dream Deferred,” by Tasnim Abdelkarim, Townsend Harris HS
Judges: Peter Hamlin (Associated Press) and Savitha Viswanathan (freelance illustrator)

firstplace“To a New Year,” by Emma Harwood, Brooklyn Technical High School

* Runner-up  “Academy Stars take the stage,” by Damir Kamalov, Fort Hamilton HS
* Honorable Mention “Students talk: the color spectrum,” by Samera Mohammad, Eximius College Preparatory
Judges: Andrew Mendelson (CUNY Graduate School of Journalism) and Bob Sacha (CUNY Graduate School of Journalism)

Opinion/Editorial Writing
firstplace* “99 Problems: Shades of Belonging,” by  Gabriela Mernin, Hunter College HS

* Runner-up “Exhausted? It’s Not Your Fault,” by Harper Clees-Baron, Brooklyn Latin HS
* * Honorable Mention  “The Nine Determining Digits of Identity,” by Anonymous, Townsend Harris HS
Judges: Theodore Hamm (St. Joseph’s College – New York) and Jennifer L. Pozner (Women In Media & News)

firstplace“Navigating Athletic Conflicts With Religion,” by Rifat Ahmed and Benjamin Chang, Townsend Harris HS

* Runner-up “Athletes Reclassifying,” by Sydney Blugh, Curtis HS
* Honorable Mention “Double Jeopardy: How One Injury May Derail Two Sports Seasons,” by Bryana Martinez, Hillcrest HS
Judge: Jarrett Murphy (City Limits) and Andrew Padilla ‎(independent journalist)

Social Media-Assisted Reporting
firstplace* “Tubman Racism, Ignorance on Twitter Hits Too Close to Home,” by Trishanna Singh, Hillcrest HS

* Runner-up “Francis Lewis High School Hosts World Peace Conference,” by Diana Bradica, Karen Lin, and Jordan Boyd-Gringold, Francis Lewis HS
* Honorable Mention “Drug Possession Derails Six Flags Trip,” by Mehrose Ahmad, Olivia Chan, and Sumaita Hasan, Townsend Harris High School
Judges: Jere Hester (CUNY Graduate School of Journalism) and Kaitlin McNabb (Rabble)

Multimedia Storytelling
“Day in the Life of a Student Teacher,” by  Shakilur Rahman and Sookhra Persaud, Hillcrest HS

Runner-up “Introducing the Class of 2016,” by  Tasnim Abdelkarim and Rebekah Jones, Townsend Harris HS
* Honorable Mention “The Highlight,” by  World Journalism Preparatory School
Judges: Jasmine Bager (multimedia journalist) and Jennifer Weiss ( 

Best Data-Driven Reporting
firstplace* “From Secular Study to Scripture: A look at the influence of high school on the relisious lives of Harrisites,” by By Poonam Dass, Sumaita Hasan, and Jason Lalljee, Townsend Harris HS

* Runner-up “Between the Bricks: Do We Read Books?,” by Isaiah Milbauer, Hunter College HS
* Honorable Mention “Security or Privacy?,” by Sergio Romero, RFK Community HS
Judges: Michael Bobelian (Baruch College) and Eileen AJ Connelly (Baruch College)

Best New Newspaper (<2 years old)
firstplace* The Knightly News, Eximius College Preparatory Academy

* Runner-up The Truman Times, Harry S Truman High School
* Honorable Mention The Legacy, High School for Media and Communications

Judges: Ilsa Cowen (retired adviser) and Jeanmarie Evelly (DNAinfo)

Best Overall Online News Site
* The Blazer @ WJPS News, World Journalism Preparatory School

* Runner-up The Highlighter, Hillcrest HS
* Honorable Mention The Survey, Brooklyn Tech High School
* Honorable Mention The Classic, Townsend Harris High School
Judges: Derek Kravitz (Columbia University) and Joshua Norman (

Best Overall Print Newspaper
The Highlighter, Hillcrest HS

* Runner-up 
The Classic, Townsend Harris HS
Honorable Mention The Murrow Network, Edward R. Murrow HS
Judges:Joel Kuszai (Queensborough Community College), Mary Miller (New York Newspaper Publishers Association), Kate Pastor (freelance journalist) and Indrani Sen (Quartz)