The Newsies! Awards – 2014

Welcome to The Newsies!, the only high school newspaper competition for New York City student journalists.

Please join us in congratulating the 2014 Newsies! winners., who were celebrated at  a lunchtime ceremony at Baruch College on Thur., Dec. 11 hosted by Arthur Browne deputy editor, New York Daily News. Find a complete list of winners below at on

School News
firstplace* Bronx Science Bullying Hotline May Be Revamped,” by Evan Lerner, Bronx High School of Science
* Runner-Up “What Time Is It? Who Knows!” by Valentin Martinez, Queens Vocational and Technical High School
* Honorable Mention “A Series of Summer Break-ins Make Community Question Safety,” by Maria Sawiris and Mark Solter, Brooklyn Technical High School
Judges: Sarah Darville (ChalkBeat) and Jennifer Weiss (Wall Street Journal)

Community News
* “Just a Dab: New High Daring and Dangerous,” by Will Mosko and Griffin Lee Miller, Bronx High School of Science
* Runner-Up “Food rules challenge entrepreneurs,” by Ijeoma Uzoukwu, Brooklyn Latin High School
Judges: Jeanmarie Evelly (DNAinfo) and Greg Smith (NY Daily News)

National/World News
firstplace* Common Problems: New Common Application Irks Students and Teachers Alike,” by Samuel Fredericks, Bronx High School of Science
* Runner-Up “Ukraine’s Crisis Affects Murrowites,” by Gretta Yagudayeva, Edward R. Murrow High School
*Honorable Mention “Malala Yousafzai: An Inspiring and Problematic Symbol,” by Danya Levy, Bard Early College High School
Judges: Adam Edelman (NY Daily News) and  Gail Robinson (freelance)

firstplace* “Sir Paul Graces FSSA with his Presence,” by Lucie Pierre-Louis, Frank Sinatra School for the Arts
* Runner-Up “Tupac Comes to Broadway: ‘Holler If Ya Hear Me,’” by Roberta Nin Feliz, Manhattan Center for Science and Math
*Honorable Mention  “These 5 Albums Represent the Best Music of 2013,” by Zahir Byam, Hillcrest High School
Judges: Ralph Blumenthal (Baruch College) and  Amy Zimmer (DNAinfo)

Illustration/Comics/Political Cartoon
firstplace* “Skedula Replaces Engrade,” by Madeeha Sheikh, Midwood High School
* Runner-Up “Putin’s Wrecking Ball,” by Mariya Klauber, Brooklyn Technical High School
* Honorable Mention  “How Old is Too Old to Trick or Treat?” by Parker Garvin, Curtis High School
* Honorable Mention “Elective Procedures,” by Christina Wang, Townsend Harris High School
Judges: Indrani Sen (CUNY Graduate School of Journalism) and Savitha Viswanathan (freelancer)

“What Is Henna and What Do People Use It For?” by Afsana Begum and Lucky Begum, International High School at Laguardia
* Runner-Up “Fall 2013 Playoffs,” by Kari Iocolano, Townsend Harris High School
* Honorable Mention “Students working at the AHS hangar,” by Jezrel Sabaduquia, Aviation High School
Judges: Sam Kolich (Bloomberg News) and Bob Sacha (CUNY Graduate School of Journalism)

Opinion/Editorial Writing
firstplace“My History Matters Too,” by Roberta Nin Feliz, Manhattan Center for Science and Mathematics
* Runner-Up  “Offensive Unintentionally – or Blatant Racism,” by Ja-Niera Dale, Bronx High School for Science
Honorable Mention “Paying for Points,” by Harry Petsios, Townsend Harris High School
Judges: Theodore Hamm (St. Joseph’s College New York) and Andrea Sachs (freelance)

firstplace* “Girls Basketball Has 47-Game Win Streak Snapped By Bryant,” by John O’Neill, Townsend Harris High School
* Runner-Up   “Lady Knights Tackle Flag Football,” by Kristine Nunez, Madison High School
Honorable Mention “Boys Swimming Defends City Championship Title,” by Tana Siboonruang, Brooklyn Tech High School
Judge: Jerrett Murphy (City Limits) and Fluto Shinzawa (Boston Globe)

firstplace“Her Parting Lesson,” by Rachel Chabin, Townsend Harris High School
* Runner-Up  “Kaplan Test Prep Problems Lead to Refunds at FMHS,” and “Kaplan: ‘We Take Our Students’ and Parents’ Concerns Seriously,” by Emily Ren, Frank McCourt High School
Honorable Mention “Multicultural Feature,” by Janet Uchendu, Farhath Feroz, Maria Brango, Melissa Schneider, Joanie Thompson, Benjamin N. Cardozo High School
Judges: Robin Fields (ProPublica) and Vera Haller (Baruch College)

Social Media-Assisted Reporting
firstplace* “Feminist Activism Follows Heated Debate,” by Alexa Luciano, Amanda Ruggieri and Sharon Chin, Townsend Harris High School
* Runner-Up  “Social Media Connects Alumnus to Their Roots,” by Christine Cincotta, Scholars’ Academy
Judges: Jackie Majerus and Steve Collins (Youth Journalism International) and Andrew Strickler (Law360)

Multimedia Storytelling
* “BRIC House Opens its Doors to All Students,” by Christian Backes, Brooklyn Technical High School
* Runner-Up “Science Survey Interview: Ms. Reidy,” by Minahil Khan, Bronx High School for Science
* Honorable Mention  “Fronting,” by BCAM TV Class, Brooklyn Community Arts and Media High School
* Honorable Mention “Hangry and Chungry,” by Jonathan Chung and Sarah Han, Townsend Harris High School
Judges: Amanda Hickman (CUNY Graduate School of Journalism) and Wonbo Woo (NBC)

Best Middle School Newspaper
firstplace* The Edward B. Shallow Gazette, I.S. 227 Edward B. Shallow
* Runner-Up New Image, I.S. 281 Joseph B. Cavallaro
Judges: Ilsa Cowen (NYC Scholastic Press Association) and Mary Miller (New York News Publishers  Association)


Best New Newspaper (<2 years old)
firstplace* McCourt News, Frank McCourt High School
Judges: Geanne Rosenberg (Baruch College) and Mark Mackintosh (Columbus magazine)



Dow Jones Best Overall Online News Site
The Classic, Townsend Harris High School at Queens College
* Runner-Up WJPS News, World Journalism Preperatory School
* Honorable Mention  The Murrow NetworkEdward R. Murrow High School
Judges: Chris McKenna (Lehman College) and Joshua Norman (

Dow Jones Best Overall Print Newspaper
firstplaceThe Classic, Townsend Harris High School
* Runner-Up The Murrow Network, Edward R. Murrow High School
* Honorable Mention The Survey, Brooklyn High School of Science
* Honorable Mention The Stuyvesant Spectator, Stuyvesant High School
Judges: David Cruz (Norwood News), Martin Evans (Newsday), Jere Hester (CUNY Graduate School of Journalism), Derek Kravitz (Columbia University)