The Newsies! – 2015

Welcome to The Newsies!, the only high school newspaper competition for New York City student journalists.

Please join us in congratulating the 2015 Newsies! winners, featured on The New York Daily News.

School News

firstplace* “A Story of Courage: Holocaust Survivor Visits Francis Lewis,” by Satiya Singh and Karl Belz III, Francis Lewis High School
* Runner-up 
“Trashed: Hundreds of Library Books Thrown Out to Make Room for New Technology,” by Adam Neto and John Cruz Jr., Edward R. Murrow High School
* Honorable Mention “Access Stalled to Renovated Brandeis Library,” by Afia Eama, Frank McCourt High School
Judges: Sarah Darville (ChalkBeat) and Diana Scholl (freelance)

Community News

firstplace* “Exclusive: Key Change Coming to NYC Sex Ed Policy,” by Jason Lalljee, Townsend Harris High School
* Runner-up 
“America’s First Family Shelter is Right around the Corner from BHSEC,” by Elie Levine, Bard High School Early College
* Honorable Mention “Truancy Patrols Disregard Students’ Needs,” by Alyssa Orcuilo, Curtis High School
Judges: Jeanmarie Evelly (DNAinfo) and Jamilah King (Mic)

National/World News

firstplace* “We Still Can’t Breathe,” by Annie Geng, Bronx High School of Science
* Runner-up 
“The Umbrella Revolution: Hong Kong Protests,” by Kevin Chiu, Brooklyn Technical High School
* Honorable Mention “Rise in Harrisite Activism Amidst Nationwide Protest Movement,” by Kimberly Rodney and Sharon Chin, Townsend Harris High School

Judges: Jackie Majerus and Steve Collins (Youth Journalism International) and Jerrett Murphy (City Limits)


 firstplace“Tampon Run: Computer Science Meets Feminism,” by Lily Gordon, Bard High School Early College
* Runner-up “Interracial Dating: The Parent Problem,” by Rafa Sattar, Tiffany Yue, Hallie Wolff and Tiffany Lee Townsend Harris High School
* Honorable Mention “Snapshot of Empowerment,” by Sharmin Shaikh, Bronx High School of Science
Judges: Andrew Strickler (Law360) and Jennifer Weiss (Wall Street Journal)


firstplace* “Townsend Insta-Slamdunks,” by Hailey Lam, Townsend Harris High School
*  Runner-up 
“The Revinyl: LP’s Making a Comeback Thanks to Quality and Cache,” by Eric Baker, Bronx High School of Science
* Honorable Mention “The Power of Cosmic Cuties,” by Isabela Cordero, Edward R. Murrow High School
Judges: Ralph Blumenthal (Baruch College) and  Amy Zimmer (DNAinfo)

Illustration/Comics/Political Cartoon

firstplace“We Deserve to Know What We’re Eating,” by Anthony Rosada, Frank McCourt High School
* Runner-up “What Underclassmen Think…,” by Mariah Marshall, Scholars’ Academy
* Honorable Mention “Bullying,” by Liza Liutova, International High School at LaGuardia
Judges: Gail Robinson (freelance) and Savitha Viswanathan (freelancer)


firstplace* “‘Hands Up, Don’t Shoot’ Photo Gallery,” by Abigail Aciman, Bard High School Early College
*  Runner-up  “Service Before Self,” by Marizeli Diaz, Aviation High School
*  Honorable Mention “30 Years of Founder’s Day Celebrated,” by Kari Iocolano, Townsend Harris High School
Judges: Juhie Bhatia (Women’s eNews) and Bob Sacha (CUNY Graduate School of Journalism)

Opinion/Editorial Writing

firstplace* Kanye, Take a Seat,” by Sundus Aitazzi, Fort Hamilton High School
*  Runner-up Why I’m Protesting for Eric Garner, by Isela Larreinaga, Hillcrest High School
*  Honorable Mention “Dress to Oppress,” by Christian Herrera and Anjanie Narain, Aviation High School
Judges: Theodore Hamm (St. Joseph’s College New York) and Andrea Sachs (freelance)


firstplace* Vans for Athletic Teams Raise Questions about Safety,” by Evan Noblesara, Kristine Guillaume and Nina Leeds, Townsend Harris High School
* Runner-up “Champs!,” by Steven Kennedy, Fort Hamilton High School
* Honorable Mention 
Title IX Compliance in NYC Under Review,” by Lamisa Huda, Bronx High School of Science
* Honorable Mention “Triple A Take Tennis Team to the Playoffs,” by Adam Spangenberg, RFK Community High School
Judge: Dylan Butler (MSG Varsity) and Peter McDermott (Irish Echo)

Social Media-Assisted Reporting

firstplace* “When Things Start Heating Up: A Look at Facebook Fights,” by Olivia Chan and Kasey Wagner, Townsend Harris High School
* Runner-up “Redefining Ken and Barbie,” compiled by Juliana Kim, Benjamin N. Cardozo High School
Judges: Kaitlin McNabb ( and Ruth Spencer (The Guardian)

Multimedia Storytelling

*firstplace “Humans of Townsend Harris,” by Kari Iocolano and Yash Sharma, Townsend Harris High School
* Runner-up  “Borough President Speaks,” by Angelina Goosey, Karen Sacta, Hasly Vasquez and Zainab Tahir, Hillcrest High School
* Honorable Mention Best of The Highlight,” World Journalism Preparatory School
Judges: Jasmine Bager (freelance) and Amanda Hickman (CUNY Graduate School of Journalism) 

Best Data-Driven Reporting

firstplace* “Teacher Survey Reveals Growing Issues with Cell Phones in Classes,  by Emily Ram, Hillcrest High School
* Runner-up Who Will Test the Testmakers?” by The Classic staff, Townsend Harris High School
Honorable Mention “Bronx Science Students Reject SHSAT Changes, Poll Shows,” by  Sharmin Shaikh, Bronx High School of Science

Judges: David Cruz (The Norwood News) and  Mark Hansen (Columbia University)

Best New Newspaper (<2 years old)

firstplace* Francis Lewis News, Francis Lewis High School
* Runner-up  The Humanities Tribune, Humanities and the Arts High School
* Honorable Mention  West Brooklyn Times, West Brooklyn High School
Judges: Mark Mackintosh (Columbus magazine) and Sophia Rosenbaum (NY Post)

Best Overall Online News Site

* WJPS News, World Journalism Preparatory School
* Runner-up  The Classic, Townsend Harris High School
Judges: Chris McKenna (Lehman College) and Joshua Norman (

Best Overall Print Newspaper

firstplace* The Classic, Townsend Harris High School
Runner-up The Latineer, The Brooklyn Latin School
Honorable Mention The Pilot, Fort Hamilton High School
Judges: Jere Hester (CUNY Graduate School of Journalism), Joel Kuszai (Queensborough Community College), Mary Miller (New York News Publishers  Association) and Patricia Willens (WNYC, SchoolBook)