The Newsies! – 2010

Introducing The Newsies! The first high school newspaper competition for New York City student journalists.

On Fri. Dec. 3, we will host the award ceremony for The Newsies! during lunch at the 7th NYC High School Journalism Conference. Awards will be presented by Kevin Convey, editor-in-chief of the New York Daily News. See all the finalists on The Daily News site.

Please join us in congratulating the finalists:

School News
“SAGES brings Safe Spaces to School,” by Hayley Desmond, Townsend Harris HS
* “World Cup Broadcasted Live in Student Cafeteria,” by Tracey Wang, Townsend Harris HS

Judges: Bob Greenman (author, retired adviser) & Javier Hernandez (New York Times)

Community News
*Runner-Up “Bed Bugs Create Nightmares For Shoppers,” by Nicole Javorsky, Benjamin Cardozo HS
*Honorable Mention “Fearless Firefighter Follows Instincts,” by Isabel Rajabzadeh, Benjamin Cardozo HS
*“Threatened budget cuts spur letter-writing campaign,” by Rebecca Seidel, Townsend Harris HS
Judges: Deepa Fernandes (People’s Production House) & Jim Harney (NY Daily News)

World/International News
*Runner-Up “Alumna, first runner up at Miss Hong Kong 2009,” by Crystal Ng, Benjamin Cardozo HS
* “Charity Project to build well in America,” by Emma Court, Townsend Harris HS
Judges: Tom Sullivan (NY Daily News) & Amy Zimmer (

* “Journalists Reveal Horrors of Treatment of Women,” by Anastasiya Matsveyenka, Midwood HS
*Runner-Up “Museum Revives Silk Road,” Tina Zarabaliev and Natalie Rubinchik, Midwood HS
* Honorable Mention“Sherlock Holmes Falls Short of Fans’ High Expectations,” by Emma Court, Townsend Harris HS
Judges: David Moore (retired publishing executive) & Joe Neumaier (NY Daily News)

Opinion/Editorial Writing
* Runner-Up “To Whom It May Concern,” by Rebecca Seidel, Townsend Harris HS
* “TV Replaces Parents and Schools in Sex Education,” by Lisbeth Perez, The Young Women’s Leadership Academy of Astoria
Judges: Arthur Browne (NY Daily News) & Leslie Seifert (Journalists in Schools)

Illustration/Comics/Political Cartoon
*Runner-Up Cover Illustration May 2010 by Max Schreck, Baruch College Campus HS
* “Horoscope: What Does Your Future Hold?,” by Miguel Gutierrez, Urban Assembly Academy of Government and Law
*Runner-Up “Scanning,” by Jesse Ahinful, High School for Law, Advocacy and Community Justice
Judges: Bill Gallo (NY Daily News) & Rafer Guzman (Newsday)

In-Depth Stories
*Runner-Up “Formspring Opens World to Instant Forum,” by Elizabeth Zavoyskiy, Midwood HS
*Honorable Mention “OMG:ppl express mixed thots on chtspk,” by Frank Corazza, Townsend Harris HS
* “Self-injury in Adolescents,” by Shazia Rahaman, World Journalism Preparatory School
Judges: Rita Henley Jensen (Women’s eNews) & Greg Smith (NY Daily News)

* “Hateful, Anonymous Postings on Spur Reaction,” by Hayley Desmond & Lory Martinez, Townsend Harris HS
*Honorable Mention “Open Pandora’s Box to Find a Music Lover’s Nirvana,” by Christina Butan, The Young Women’s Leadership School of Astoria
*Runner-Up “You Should Love Your Bro,” Damla Bek, Edward R. Murrow HS
Judges: Amy DiLuna (NY Daily News) & Rob Stein (HBO)

*Runner-Up “Field Day ’10,” by Hui Lin Zhang, Baruch College Campus HS
* “My Life is Townsend: Summer Edition,” by Rebecca Seidel, Townsend Harris HS
* Honorable Mention “Students Hear from the Pros,” by Armando Avila & Esteban Soler, Queens Vocational Tech HS
Judges: Adam Thompson (Wall Street Journal) & Sarah Bonk (Daily Beast)

*Runner-Up “Pole Dancing Making its Way to the Top,” by Sarah Bianchi, World Journalism Preparatory School
*Runner-Up “Seniors Look Back Through A Shared Sports Lens,” by Jessica Moore, Baruch College Campus HS
Judges: Fluto Shinzawa (Boston Globe) & Teri Thompson (NY Daily News)

Contenders for Best Overall Newspaper include:

  • World Journalism Preparatory School, Adviser Starr Sackstein
  • The Young Women’s Leadership School of Astoria, Adviser Brooke Carey
  • Urban Assembly Academy of Government and Law, Advisers Ewa Barnes and Katie Brounstein
  • Honorable Mention Midwood High School at Brooklyn College, Adviser Catherine Kaczmarek
  • Runner-Up Queens Vocational and Technical High School, Adviser Rob Schimenz
  • Townsend Harris High School, Advisers Ilsa Cowen & Caroline Cross

Judges: Jere Hester (CUNY J-School), Elizabeth McGarr (Sports Illustrated) & Indrani Sen (CUNY J-School)

Special thanks to Steve Lynas, Senior Vice President of Daily News Digital, and Executive Assistant Valerie Raigorodskaia who helped coordinate the newspaper’s support.