The Newsies! – 2011

We are now accepting submissions for the 2012 Newsies! Click here for guidelines.

Welcome to The Newsies!, the only high school newspaper competition for New York City student journalists.

Please join us in congratulating the 2011 winners:

School News
“The Back Door Approach: Scanning process sheds light on Inequities Between MLKand LaGuardia,” by Latia Skerving, HS for Law, Advocacy and Community Justice
* Runner-Up “Bed Bug Spotted,” by Samantha Birns, Murrow HS
* Honorable Mention “Look at D’s Grade,” by Elizabeth Cotto, School for International Studies
Judges: Tomasz Deptula (Nowy Dziennik/Polish Daily News) & Gail Robinson (Gotham Gazette)

Community News
* “Retail Giant Threatens Local Small Business,”  by Anthony Kellman, Pelham Preparatory Academy
* Runner-Up 
“Juniors Receive Funds for Their Future,”  by Stephanie Stewart, Scholars’ Academy
* Honorable Mention “Kolbert Park Keeps its Bad Reputation,” by Rosalinda Marchiano, Murrow HS
* Honorable Mention “Making a Difference Everyday of his Life,” Melissa Rubiano,  Bryant High School
Judges: Sylvia Guerrero (People’s Production House) & Jim Harney (NY Daily News)

National/World News
“Social Network Spurs Social Change,”  by Ayishatu Nuhu, East Side Community HS
* Runner-Up 
“Lina Casuto Speaks at Yom Hashoah,” by Chelsea Manluco, Cardozo HS
* Honorable Mention
“‘Baruch-Aids’ for Japan,” by Kayla Chan and Karen Lin, Baruch College Campus HS
Judges: David Greaves (Our Times Press) & Tom Sullivan (Daily News)

“Loveable Art Teacher to Retire, Causing ‘Art Attacks,'” by Diana Cabrera, HS for Law Advocacy and Community Justice
* Runner-Up “Actors Needed: Construction Skills Required,” by Syedtalha Shahbaz, Bryant HS
* Honorable Mention “Last Train To Paris, an Album Worth “Coming Home” to,” by Christina Butan, The Young Women’s Leadership School of Astoria
Judges: Joe Neumaier (NY Daily News) & Robert Stein (HBO)

Illustration/Comics/Political Cartoon
* “What Did the War Give You?” by Tristan Fox, Scholars’ Academy
 Runner-Up “Welcome Back, Soldiers,” by Erika Bau, The Young Women’s Leadership School of Astoria
*Runner-Up “Vote for Ming Zhang Lehman High School Superstar,” by Ming Zhang, Lehman HS
* Honorable Mention Valentine’s Day Cartoon by Yoo Jin Kim, Bayside HS
Judges: Ed “Ski” Murawinski (Daily News) & Esther Pearl Watson and Mark Todd (Funchicken)

In-Depth Stories
“Flying high in the sky: Marijuana a controversial issue for teens,” by Tulani Sinclair, School for International Studies
* Runner-Up “Gym Floor Buckles,” by Larry LeBeau, Queens Vocational and Technical HS
* Honorable Mention “The Point of Pointe,” By Gabriella Yannotti, World Journalism Preparatory Academy
Judges: Courtney Gross (NY1) & Greg Smith (NY Daily News)

* Juniors Win Handball Tournament,” by Amber McComb, School for International Studies

* Runner-Up “Navy Nighthawk visits Curtis,” by Fatmata Bah, Curtis HS
Honorable Mention “Hornets Sting the Competition,” by Andrey Moisey, Midwood HS
Judges: Sarah Bonk (Hearst Digital Media) & Adam Thompson (Wall Street Journal)

* “School sheltering is not helping,” by Melissa Iachetta, World Journalism Preparatory Academy
Runner-Up “The Overachievers,” by Taisha Vargas, Aviation High School
* Honorable Mention  “Politicians range from abusive to ambiguous with LGBT community,” by  Christina Bultan, The Young Women’s Leadership School of Astoria
Judges: Arthur Browne (NY Daily News) & Leslie Seifert (Journalists in School)

*  “Whatever Happened to the Cheerleading Team?” By Ricky Macklin, Queens Vocational & Technical High School
* Runner-Up
“600 is something to talk about,” by Sijin Choi, Cardozo High School
* Honorable Mention
“Gildea Hits 1,000 Points,” by Jeanine Lamadieu, Curtis High School
Judges: Fluto Shinzawa (Boston Globe) & Teri Thompson (NY Daily News)   

“The Dangers of Soda,” by Maria Petropoulos, Bryant HS
* Runner-Up “Students showcase rhymes during free times,” by Kevin Nguyen, Murrow HS
* Honorable Mention  “Social Networking: Who’s Watching You?,” by Helen Kennedy, Scholars’ Academy
Judges: Jere Hester (CUNY Grad School of Journalism) & Geanne Rosenberg (Baruch College) 


* The Phoenix, The Young Women’s Leadership School of Astoria
*  Runner Up
The Source, HS of Arts and Business
* Honorable Mention The Blazer, World Journalism Preparatory Academy
Judges: Robin Fields (ProPublica) and Adam Sommers (Daily News)

* The East Sider, East Side Community High School
*  Runner-Up 
Panther Press, Pelham Preparatory Academy
* Honorable Mention The Lehman Mac, Lehman High School 
Judges: Rebecca Baker (The Journal News) and John Lauinger (Daily News)

 * Argus, Midwood HS
* Honorable MentionVocational Voice, Queens Vocational & Technology HS
* Honorable Mention The Verdict, Benjamin Cardozo HS
Judges: Alexandra Fenwick (Sports Illustrated), Jere Hester (CUNY Graduate School of Journalism), Indrani Sen (CUNY Graduate School of Journalism) & Amy Zimmer (DNAinfo)   

* The Phoenix, The Young Women’s Leadership School of Astoria

* Honorable Mention Bryant Clipper, Bryant High School
Judges: Hasani Gittens (The Daily), Carolyn Gregoire (Huffington Post High School)  & Elizabeth Perle (Huffington Post High School)  

Special thanks Daily News Editor-in-Chief Kevin Convey who presented the awards during a lunchtime ceremony at the 8th NYC High School Journalism Conference.

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