Schedule of Workshops

Workshop One: 10 a.m.-10:50 a.m.

  • Advisers Meeting                                                                                                         Room 14-270                                                                                                                         Brian Sweeney and Ilsa Cowen, New York Scholastic Press Association
  • AP Style Smackdown: Be Accurate, Consistent and Sensitive                   Room 14-235  Claire Regan, Deadline Club
  • Getting it Right: Being Factual                                                                               Room 14-240  Gail Robinson
  • Interviewing 101
    Room 14-290 Rachel Holliday Smith
  • Lightning Ledes: Grabbing the Reader in 25 Words or Less
    Room 14-285 Jere Hester, Editor-in-Chief, The City
  • Newswriting 101
    Room 14-280  Christina Carrega
  • Numbers For Student Journalists: Data Journalism 101
    Room 14-230  Carl Bialik, Yelp
  • Storm Alert:  Covering Climate 
    Room 14-245  Beth Daley, InsideClimate News

Workshop Two:  11 a.m.-11:50 a.m.

  • Avoiding Big Mistakes: Law and Ethics for Journalists
    Room 14-280  Geanne Belton, Baruch College
  • Details, Details! Copyediting 101
    Room 14-290
    Dan Adkison, New York Times
  • Headless Body in Topless Bar: Become a Good Headline Writer            Room 140-235  Claire Regan, Deadline Club
  • Identifying Sources and Securing Interviews: Practical Strategies           Room 14-230  Gavin McCormick, Queens College
  • Paging Advisers and Editors: Layout and Design                                                      Room 14-270  Cadence Turner and Jacqueline Linge
  • Photojournalism in the Digital Age
    Room 14-245  John Smock, CUNY Graduate School of Journalism
  • Podcasting Basics
    Room 14-285  Gisele Regatao, Baruch College
  • The Editor’s Role:  Managing Reporting Staff and News Coverage 
    Room 14-240  Emily Johnson, Baruch College

Workshop Three:  1:15 p.m.-2:00 p.m.

  • Digging Beneath the Surface: Investigative Reporting                                         Room 14-240  Eileen Markey, Investigative Journalist
  • Grammar for Journalists
    Room 14-290  Lonnie Isabel, Columbia University
  • Improving Your First Draft                                                                                                  Room 14-245  Katina Paron, Baruch College
  • Journalism and Gender                                                                                             Room 14-280 Maya Salam, New York Times
  • Picture Perfect: Capturing Images to Illustrate Your Stories                                 Room 14-269  Jeanmarie Evelly
  • Story Idea Incubator                                                                                                            Room 14-285  Indrani Sen, Newmark School of Journalism
  • Teaming Up: Crafting Big Proposals Across High Schools                                   Room 14-270  Brian Sweeney
  • Telling a Story: Fact-Based Reporting Can Read Like a Good Book                   Room 14-235  Bridgett Davis, Baruch College
  • Video Storytelling                                                                                                                        Room 14-230  Vera Haller, Baruch College