Assessment Guide

Participants in the seminar helped to brainstorm questions, pros, cons, and resources to construct the beginning of this alternative assessment guide. You can use this guide to help yourself design low-stakes assessments for your hybrid (or face-to-face!) class as part of a larger, holistic assessment plan that will help students to track their progress and will help you to know what your class has understood and what still needs to be clarified.

Click here to see the assessment guide, and please feel free to leave comments, questions, or feedback!



Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) or “Buckley Amendment”

Students have three Primary Rights:

  1. To inspect and review educational records.
  2. To seek to amend educational records.
  3. To have some control over the disclosure of information from educational records.

Baruch’s Office of the Registrar, FERPA info

Baruch’s FERPA Compliance Training Workshop – Video on Kaltura (Part 1 & 2):

Other useful info:

U.S. Department of Education, FERPA 101 For Parents and Students:

FERPA quiz from Purdue University: