Tech Sharecase, 23 July 2009


Frank Donnelly, Joseph Hartnett, Louise Klusek, Linda Rath, Ryan Phillips

RSS Feed Readers

Discussed the various RSS Feed Readers the attendees used and the reasons why.

NYPL’s new catalog

The New York Public Library’s new¬†catalog was discussed. The catalog replaces CatNYP and LEO, combining materials from the two defunct catalogs. The new catalog is powered by a product called Encore, developed by Innovative Interfaces. Georgetown University Libraries also has a beta version of an Encore catalog on their website.


We have discussed Prezi, the non-linear presentation tool, in past Tech Sharecases, but Linda was kind enough to show a presentation that she had built using the tool.

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  1. Luke Waltzer, who you may know for being a frequent guest at our Tech Sharecase meetings and for being one of the WordPress wizards behind the scenes at the Blogs@Baruch program, did a presentation using Prezi. You can read about Luke’s experience using Prezi and view the presentation on this post that he wrote.

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