Student Blogs (9967)

A list of all the student websites this semester listed alphabetically. These open blogs are part of our co-learning approach and I encourage you to see what your fellow students are up to as they embark on this creativity-innovation-exploration-launch journey.
If you need help creating your website/blog, refer to the step-by-step instructions or check out WPBeginner.

Last First Website
Arbelaez Pamela
Beckles David
Blasi Matthew
Chen Kuan Ying (Yennie)
Dalisan Alexandra
Franqui Jonathan
Garces Guerra Stephany
Gonzalez Emanuel
Marconi Cesare
Naftel Lindsey
Naim Ramish
Ogando Yudelca
Krishnakumar Pooja
Quiroz Stephania
Shiplu Arman
Sullivan Adrian
Thongsukprasong Jirayu
Uchil Tapan
Yamagai Reiko
Zhao Liwei (Lanki)