Can you describe the vibe?

Hi, interns:

So, you’ve been at your internship for at least a week, in most cases. Some questions for you, to mark the occasion: what’s the overall sense that you get in your new workplace? Are you liking the job/people/environment? Are you comfortable there? Should it matter? Weigh in if you like, and I will, too.

Happy interning,

Prof. Wollman

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8 Responses to Can you describe the vibe?

  1. interns says:

    The overall sense I get in my new workplace is that it is very loose and exuberant…not really uptight. The offices are big and bright and add to the positive atmosphere. I don’t like all the people there because I feel some of them can pull a power trip at times, but thats with every large-scale business. I definitely am comfortable there thus far.

  2. Prof. Wollman says:

    Ah, thanks for the post. I’m new to the whole blogging thing, and have just noticed that if we all post as “intern,” we won’t know who one another is. So can I ask everyone who posts to sign at the bottom?
    Thanks. Glad you’re liking the scene so far, “intern”–whoever you are!
    Prof. Wollman

  3. Yatkei Fung says:

    Overall I feels that they don’t really put pressure on the staff (at least in my department), which is somewhat good but at the same time easy to make people lazy. I like the people over there because they are really nice. People appreciate others work and that is a really good thing in workplace.

    Personally I think it is really important to like the working environment because if I don’t like the workplace, I will probably put less effort in my work.

  4. John Baran says:

    So far, I really like working at eMusic. The atmosphere is very casual and laid back. Most people wear jeans and t-shirts, listen to music, and there’s even an xBox in the break room. That’s not to say that it’s not a fast-paced workplace, because it certainly is. My superior, Matt, is really nice and so far he has assigned me some pretty interesting and complicated projects. I’ve only been there for 2 weeks so I don’t know a lot of people yet, but everyone I have met is really cool, professional and friendly.

  5. Marina says:

    The place I intern at is very small. It’s just one big office with my boss and two interns. I like the environment, though when I started first in the beginning of January I wasn’t sure how to feel with my boss working so close next to me. I think that it does matter being comfortable in the environment as I feel that it does have an impact on my performance.

  6. Amanda Lavin says:

    I’m late on the reply, but overall I really like the work environment at Interscope. The company has been undergoing major layoffs in the past year, so even though the office is huge (I have yet to see all of it) only about a fourth of the desks are occupied, if that. It’s definitely a very laid back atmosphere and I have a good amount of free time. I interned at a small company before, so I’m noticing major differences now interning for a much larger company. Particularly as an intern, I’m noticing all of the things I don’t have to do- such as deliver packages, order supplies, clean etc. because they have people specifically employed to do that. The projects I am responsible for are therefore almost always relevant to the music industry.

  7. Demitri Kesoglides says:

    Hey Prof. Wollman,

    I’m the “intern” of the first post, lol.

    You’re Welcome =]


  8. evelyn says:

    I’m a little late on my reply as well, but overall I expected a lot more at my working environment. The place is very laid back with everything. Everyone seems to always be doing their own thing either on AIM or on Facebook. I’m liking it but I wish they’d give me more work to do, which I have already requested. I wish the people were more friendly though. They seem very to themselves. I’m usually just at my own cubicle with not much people around me. Hopefully I will be starting more hands on projects soon.

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