ISLA has launched its first Latin American and Caribbean Studies (LACS) Course Fair for Spring 2021 on Instagram (@Islabaruch). The LACS Course Fair provides students with information – including video interviews with the professors – about the exciting course offerings at Baruch on topics related to Latin America and the Caribbean.

Here are the courses we highlighted, in order of appearance on Instagram; follow the links to the videos!

FLM/LACS/CMP 4100: Immigration Cinema: Migrations and Border Crossings to Europe and The US
Professor Isolina Ballesteros
Class: 17803 Section: ETRA-Lec Regular Days and Times: TuTh 2:30-3:45PM

LTS 3085: Latinx Screens (Special Topics in Hispanic/Latino Studies)
Professor Rojo Robles Mejias
Class: 50520 Section: FMWA-Lec Regular Days and Times: MoWe 4:10-5:25PM

LTS 1003: Latin America: An Institutional and Cultural Survey
Professor Rebecca Salois
Class: 20701 Section: ETRA-Lec Regular Days and Times: TuTh 2:30-3:45PM
Class: 20702 Section: FTRA-Lec Regular Days and Times: TuTh 4:10PM  

SPA 4004: Spanish Seminar in Translation: Spanish- English
Professor Esther Allen
Class: 17794 Section: PTRA-Lec Regular Days and Times: TuTh 5:50-7:05PM

HIS 3025: Race, Class, and Gender in Brazil
Professor Tshombe Miles
Class: 20709 Section: UWA-Lec Regular Days and Times: 6:05-9:00PM

SPA 4283: The City in Latin America Literature
Professor Elena Martinez
Class: 17798 Section: CTRA-Lec Regular Days and Times: 10:45-12:00PM

POL 3999:
Latino Politics in the US (Special Topics in Political Science)
Professor Viviana Rivera-Burgos
Class: 13251 Section: ETRA-Lec Regular Days and Times: 2:30-3:45PM

We hope you will also consider these additional SPRING 2021 courses:


ANT 3015- Cuban Culture and Society
Class: 20182 Section: NETA-LECT Regular Instructor: Katrin Hansing

Black and Latinx Studies
BLS 4900- Seminar in Black and Latino Studies
Class: 20698 Section: CMWA-LECT Regular Instructor: Shelly Eversley

Comparative Literature
CMP 3038- Survey of Caribbean Literature in English
Class: 17142 Section: FTRA-LEC Regular Instructor: Regina Bernard

Latin American and Caribbean Studies (LACS)
LACS 4901- Latin America and the Caribbean II: Form the 19th Century to the Present
Class: 20699 Section: DMWA-LECT Regular Instructor: Tshombe Miles

LACS 4902- Latin America and the Caribbean: Culture and Societies (Cross-listed with BLS and LTT)
Class: 20700 Section: ETRA-LEC Regular Instructor: Rojo Robles Mejias
Class: 20957 Section: JNNT-Lect Winter Instructor: Regina Bernard

Latino Studies
LTS 3007- Puerto Rican Culture
Class: 20703 Regular Section: EMWA-LECT Regular Instructor: Rojo Robles Mejias

LTS 3012- Latinas: A Social and Cultural Survey
Class: 20704 Section: CTRA-LEC Regular Instructor: Rebecca Salols

LTS 3125- Race and Ethnic Relations
Class: 20247 Section: FTRA-LEC Regular Instructor: Sergio Palencia-Frener


SPA 4050- Introduction to Hispanic Literature
Class: 17796 Section: PTRA-LEC Regular Instructor: Isolina Ballesteros