About the Event:

Participants learned more about the region from Professor Tshombe Miles (Black and Latinx Studies, BLS), Professor Mark Rice (History), and Professor Enrique Desmond Arias (Marxe Chair of Western Hemisphere Affairs, MSPIA) about the history that brought these countries together and apart. Also, they learned more about the lives of people of African descent in the region and the impact of colonization, slavery, independence, migration, illicit and legal trade on today’s Andean region.

Time and Date:

Thursday, November 18th, 2021

1-2pm on Zoom


  • Professor Rice introduced participants to what brought these countries together and what brought them to fight for independence from Spain
  • Professor Miles introduced the different factors influencing the lives of people of African descent.
  • Professor Arias looked at key political and economic issues – including migration, legal and illicit trade – and their impact on the region following the creation of independent countries after the split of La Gran Colombia.

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