The study of Latin America can enhance your major by providing a lens through which to focus independent research in your chosen field.

At Baruch, one such opportunity is the Honors Thesis, a two-semester sequence in your Senior year (6001H / 6002H).

Why write an Honors Thesis?  Here is a list of the advantages, prepared the Baruch Honors Program –

  • Follow a passion and become an “expert” in a specific topic
  • Build your credentials and create a favorable impression on future employers and graduate schools
  • Strengthen writing and research skills and foster relationships with faculty members
  • Expose yourself to the research process and enhance your abilities as a consumer of research
  • Earn departmental honors, an additional distinction on your diploma

And please note:  You do not have to participate in the Honors Program, or Macauley, to write an Honors Thesis!

For more information about requirements, please consult the Honors Thesis Guide 

For orientation on the Honors Thesis and other opportunities for independent research, please contact:

Harmony Osei
Assistant Director and Provost Scholar Advisor
Baruch College Honors Program

To schedule an appointment on Zoom: