About the Event:

For decades transitional justice has played an important role in Latin America in helping to heal the wounds of conflict and dictatorship and to build stronger social and political ties as a foundation for new post-conflict orders and political regimes. In recent years, activists and policymakers in the region have begun to employ transitional justice in new and innovative ways. In some cases, it has been used as a strategy to end conflicts and achieve peace. In others, transitional justice has been envisioned as a response to criminal violence. In still other cases, it has been brought to bear decades later to seek redress for past abuses as a strategy to achieve justice and strengthen communities. This roundtable, co-hosted by the Marxe School and ISLA-The Initiative for the Study of Latin America at the Weissman School, brings together two leaders in this field to discuss ongoing debates in transitional justice and its contemporary applications.

Time and Date:

Wednesday, March 16th

12:30pm Via Zoom


  • ISLA was proud to partner with Marxe’s Global Insights series and with Prof. Enrique Desmond Arias, Marxe Chair of Western Hemisphere Affairs at Marxe, for this Roundtable conversation.
  • Our invited speakers focused their remarks and analyses on the cases of Guatemala (Dr. Jo-Marie Burt, George Washington University and WOLA) and Mexico (Jorge Peniche, JTMX).