I saw this picture on a James Baldwin tumblr and realized that the message is super relevant in our current society. Before this class, I didn’t necessarily think about a lot of the issues Baldwin brings up as much as I should have, and now that my mind is more fine tuned I’ve been noticing a lot more than I did before. It’s kind of hard for me to feel like America is this great place when I’ve read The Fire Next Time and still see some of the problems mentioned occurring around the city. James Baldwin has also been the inspiration for a lot of really productive conversations I’ve had lately. For example, a couple weeks ago I was outside Hunter College and I started talking to this homeless man about racist propaganda and social stereotyping in the media because I was thinking about it writing one of our papers. This class has definitely been influential in me branching out to learn more about things that I was blind to before.

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  1. I couldn’couldn’t agree more, one can only imagine the many horrific things that we are capable of doing, as humans that is. Over its millennia of existence the human race has committed very heinous crimes against others and their own. Just imagine the most unspeakable acts of all. One doesn’t know how we really are, what we are cable of. Some have seen the horror that humanity has to offer and if you saw it, you’d think differently, too; while others act on the defensive because they don’t know the truth. Humanity only seems good to them because they were born in a peaceful time, but war (evil) is our nature it will always come back.

  2. dv114073 says:

    I love when things come up like like this all over tumblr… now after reading Baldwin’s works I feel like this picture is not only is true but, represents a lot for what he as an individual stood for.

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