Welcome To Jiaming Ou’s Website 

I am a freshman from Baruch College, where I am majoring in management and trying to get on a successful pathway in Business. I attended New Utrecht High School in New York, which brought me information about the social circumstances and strong mathematics basics. It assisted me to go on a business path as my dream career. I have a lifetime goal in learning, I am a bilingual student that gains me advantages in communication, it helps me better understand the work environment and improve the relationships between workmates. I also volunteered in the church of grace to Fujianese, learned about the responsibility as an individual, to assist people around with my knowledge, to create a peaceful working environment that workmates could learn from each other. In my free time, I enjoy working out, reading, and absorb knowledge from media.

You can find Jiaming’s Resume, contact information, and a blog that demonstrates Jiaming’s pathway in management.