Park and City Mingle in Pelham Parkway

Pelham Parkway is a highly accessible community containing a diverse demographic and landscape suitable for people of all ages.

One thought on “Park and City Mingle in Pelham Parkway

  1. Thanks for your positive feedback on my slideshow. I wasn’t confident when I posted it, but the feedback I’m getting from fellow students has been helpful. I’ve looked at it a few times and I feel much better about it.

    I’d like to help you with your slideshow if you don’t mind. I encourage you to clean up some grammatical errors when you can. For example, on your ninth slide (the one with the young man waiting at the street corner) you write:

    “If additional shopping experiences is desired, travel east bound down Pelham Parkway to Williamsbridge Road. This area is full of an assortment of stores stretching down Williamsbridge between the parkway and Morris Park.”

    How does this sound?:
    “For additional shopping you can travel eastbound on Pelham Parkway to Williamsbridge Road. There you’ll find an assortment of stores between the Parkway and Morris Park.”

    Eastbound is one word. If the words are separate it makes it sound like someone’s being abducted. And that’s an uncomfortable way to travel.

    I write this as a fellow student who wants you to ace your presentation. Cleaning up the grammar on your captions will go a long way towards doing that.

    Good luck!!

    Jose Dopwell

    Jose Dopwell

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