Pediatric Bioethics Conference

This July, I was honored to present my cultural competency research at the 14th Annual Pediatric Bioethics Conference, hosted by Seattle Children’s Hospital’s Treuman Katz Center for Pediatric Bioethics.

I am no bioethicist, but one of my collaborators is an expert in the area and recommended that we submit something, particularly given this year’s theme: “When cultures clash: Navigating ethical disagreements related to diversity.” Indeed, our findings on cultural barriers during end-of-life decision-making fit nicely.

The conference was absolutely delightful, and not only because it was in Seattle during its gorgeous summer. Highlights included: hearing Anne Fadiman‘s opening talk (and being listed opposite her in the program!); attending an intimate speaker’s dinner and getting to know people in the field; and receiving high ratings on my presentation following the event. I can’t say enough good things about this meeting, and hope that I get the chance to return again soon.