SIOP Reviewer’s Choice

The annual SIOP conference is always fun — and this year, the most action-packed yet! Within 24 hours, I co-chaired three symposia, presenting a meta-analysis, a longitudinal quantitative study, and a qualitative project.

While each session was exciting, I was proudest of one of them: “I/O to the Rescue: Managing Crises in the Aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.”

I organized this symposium in the days immediately after Harvey had swept through my neighborhood — and with the submission deadline on the horizon. In short order, we assembled a collection of papers on preventive science, disaster recovery, and first responder teams. We also included expert insight from my esteemed co-chair Tracey Rizzuto, Ph.D., who experienced and conducted work around Hurricane Katrina. Together, our symposium earned the Reviewer’s Choice distinction, representing the 20 (2%) highest-rated sessions at SIOP.

More valuable than the recognition, however, was the response from the field. It was heartening to see I/O colleagues interested in humanitarian efforts — using our knowledge for good.