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Journal #1 – Where Have You Been and Where Are You Going?

Last summer, I learned a lot about myself through participating in a program called Girls Who Code which took place in Viacom, a media production company. Even though I’m not pursuing a career in computer science, I am still very grateful for this opportunity because I became friends with a bunch of new people and I got to experience the perks of the company such as the free food, the view from their Times Square building, and meeting stars from their shows. In addition, although it was a coding program, I actually got to learn a lot about the business side of the company. This program showed me the importance of stepping out of my comfort zone and trying new things. No matter what you participate in you will always learn something about yourself.

My expectations as a college student is to learn more about myself and discover what career I want to pursue in the future. To do so I am going to take advantage of the opportunities Baruch has to offer such as the various clubs. Right now I’m planning to major in Finance, but that could change because I really want to find something that I’m passionate about and will be happy in. I’m also looking forward to study abroad in the future though I’m not sure when it would be safe because of the virus.

My concerns for my first semester is that it’s really hard  to make friends through virtual classes. I’m worried that the college experience would be really weird for me once on campus learning starts.