Latin America: An Institutional and Cultural Survey

Class Agreements

Based on your feedback:

.We will create an open and safe space to learn virtually and in person. Although for many of us this was a requirement, we are excited to learn about Latin American history and cultures.

.We will learn from each other while also creating our own path in the course.

.The first half of the course will be fully online (via zoom + blog posts) as a way to deal better with current developments in the pandemic and all its repercussions in our lives.  As of today 8/26, it seems that the group prefers the possibility of meeting in person two times per month. We will evaluate if it is safe to return partially to the classroom after the midterm.

.Professor Robles will keep us informed on weekly assignments, deadlines, changes in the calendar, and events. He will keep track of each student’s evolution in the course and will reach out to us if we need support or to get back on track.

.If we need them, we will request office (student) hours to clarify questions, to understand assignments better, or to brainstorm for them. Student hours are also open if we want to share our own research, knowledge or just to bounce ideas on college life.

.We are conscious of different types of learners and we want a variety of sources and activities. It’s important to have grounded discussions but also fun.

.Community building and solidarity are important to us. We will be open to turning our cameras on and will promote positive, respectful interactions during zoom sessions, on the chat, and on our blog.

.To make it productive, during breakout room discussions, we will encourage everybody to talk and will listen to every member. There will be prompts to guide these discussions.

.Citation is encouraged and celebrated. Academic life means engaging in dialogue with other thinkers and we will honor that.

.We will keep the communication lines open during the semester and beyond.