Blog post 4

Research question: How to maximize the library loaners satisfaction by optimizing the length of the book loans and the maximum number of books allowed to loan.

Methodology: A statistical model was formulated based on past studies with data on the library loaning policy, processes and their correlation to user satisfaction.


Social informatics: This study is a good example of the clash between technological determinism and the social shaping of technology. Since a majority of the mathematical formula was derived from data from past studies, it will still need to be implemented to see its performance to current times. Furthermore, the past studies cited used different forms of ICTs to measure user satisfaction and other static data (books loaned, demand, etc). Ultimately, the question in this research is whether or not this new loaning policy will be more efficient than the past policy.

Al‐Fares, H. (1998). Optimizing a library’s loan policy: An integer programming approach. Journal of the American Society for Information Science, 49(13), 1169-1176.

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