Launch of Platform for Baruch’s Student Authors

The William and Anita Newman Library is pleased to announce the launch of Academic Works, a new online platform for showcasing the scholarly and creative work of Baruch students and faculty.

This service provides students with the opportunity to make their works of scholarship freely available online for the world to view and download. Not only is each work given a stable, permanent location on the web, it is also indexed automatically by Google Scholar and CUNY’s OneSearch system, thereby increasing the likelihood of easy discovery by searchers around the world. Since the launch of CUNY Academic Works at several CUNY campuses in 2015, hundreds of faculty and students have uploaded more than 14,000 items into their local campus collections.

Interest from scholars and students globally has been amazing: there have already been nearly 600,000 downloads of items from the CUNY collections. The launch of Academic Works at Baruch College is part of our effort to highlight the scholarship of our students. This new digital showcase, which already includes over 70 undergraduate honors theses, will soon include student posters from Creative Inquiry Day. For more information, please see the library’s guide to the service.

On a related note, the Newman Library is planning an exhibition of published works by Baruch students in fall 2017. Students who are interested in having their work considered for inclusion should contact