Register for Subotnick Financial Services Center Workshops

Prof. Phillips Teaching in SFSCA limited series of Subotnick Financial Services Center workshops will be conducted virtually in the Fall semester. Members of the Baruch community may register using the Newman Library’s workshop form.

After you register, you will receive a link to join the session on Zoom the day prior to the session.

Registrants need a personal computer or laptop with access to a Baruch Zoom account.

Recordings of the sessions will be made available after the event.SFSC Workshop Schedule Fall 2020




Bloomberg I: Introduction to Bloomberg Professional for Equities
This workshop will introduce participants to the Bloomberg Professional service, a leading source of real-time and historical financial information. Bloomberg I explores navigation within the Bloomberg system and focuses on finding information in the equity markets. Participants should gain a basic understanding of the Bloomberg operating environment as well as the financial information found within the Bloomberg Professional service. The content of this tutorial should not be construed as investment advice.

FactSet I: Introduction to Equity Research
The FactSet I workshop is an introduction to the FactSet service, a leading source of real-time and historical financial information. FactSet I covers navigation within the FactSet system and focuses on equity markets and researching public companies.

S&P Capital IQ
This workshop provides an introductory overview of this resource for stock prices and financial data for publicly traded companies, industries and commodities; private companies, U.S. and international markets for research and analytics.

Bloomberg Excel Add-In
The Bloomberg II workshop is an introduction to the Bloomberg Excel Add-in and focuses on working with Bloomberg data within Microsoft Excel. Attendees should take the Bloomberg I workshop as a pre-requisite.

Futures / Options
1. Futures: Introducing practical examples of the monitoring and analysis of commodity, currency or index futures contracts, using data and functions of the Bloomberg or FactSet software.
2. Options: Introducing function, use, monitoring and analysis of options contracts with Bloomberg or FactSet software.