Students are invited to submit their work for the Susan Locke prizes in environmental sustainability and climate change.  The prizes are funded by a generous gift from Professor Emerita Susan Locke (Psychology) with the intention to encourage Baruch College students, from across disciplines, to engage in scholarly activities that address threats to the natural world and the climate change crisis.

Prizes will be awarded in two categories: Research and Arts. Students may submit papers that are a product of their research, or journalistic work, or something from the written or visual arts, as long as it is related to environmental sustainability, climate change, or wildlife conservation. Submissions are welcome from any discipline and we particularly encourage interdisciplinary work where connections beyond the student’s own discipline can be evidenced clearly in the submission. Research submitted may be an honors thesis or independent study project, or an assignment submitted in fulfillment of a relevant course
Susan Locke Prize in Environmental Sustainability: Research  

This prize is awarded to students who engage in an outstanding research project that addresses either or both of the following topics: environmental sustainability initiatives; the impact of climate change on the natural world and society.  Projects may focus on environmental science; however, students are also encouraged to submit projects that cross disciplines, including, but not limited to, public policy, business practices, psycho-social impact, and ethics. Reported journalistic work in any medium also falls under this category.

Susan Locke Prize in Environmental Sustainability: Arts

This prize is awarded to students who use artistic expression to portray the impact of human practices on the natural world or to convey their personal connection to nature.  Any of the following forms of expression may be used: poetry, short stories, photography, painting, drawing, video, musical composition, or dance.

Submissions are due May 9, 2021. They will be judged by faculty committee. The prizes for first place will be $200, the second-place prizes will be $150, and the prizes for third place will be $100. Students will be encouraged to present their projects to the college community on Creative Inquiry Day.  Awardees will be announced during that event.

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