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Sketchfab can also be used to view 3d models in VR/AR! Here you can find more details about Sketchfab, or go to “3D Design and 3D Printing” section.

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Advanced VR/AR software

Do you want to view your own created 3D object with Tinkercad in AR? Do you want to save, share, and show off your 3D objects in the AR environment? Try JigWorkshop!

Note: Jig Workshop uses Apple’s ARKit platform, which is only available on iPhone or iPad. If you are an Android user, please scroll down and check out other options!

I am not a 3D professional:

Choose from thousands of objects in the built-in library and build the Jig you want. Every single object has been carefully crafted and can be exploded into dozens of individual, pre-labeled parts!

I have my own 3D models in Tinkercad:

JigWorkshop free version support importing .OBJ files with 30MB maximum

Step 1

Go to TinkerCad and download the 3D object you want to create in AR in .OBJ format.

Step 2

Go to your JigSpace dashboard, click “create a new Jig” , in the edit page, tap “+” –> “My 3D objects” –> “Use my own 3D objects”

click “create a new Jig”
tap “+”
“My 3D objects” –> “Use my own 3D objects”

Step 3

After your object(s) imported successfully, you will be able to start creating! You can manipulate your 3d objects in different ways such as changing color/ size/ material/ movement, and also, view in AR!

Check out this video for more details:

The Exciting Part: Share your 3D Presentation!

Jig Workshop Pro provides flexible 3D presentations sharing for a variety of scenarios and use-cases:

  • Public Link Sharing: Add 3D demonstrations to your product packaging, website to replace face-to-face selling or trade-shows.
  • Private Email Guest Invites: Share custom 3D product demonstrations securely via email invites that require a password to view and present
  • Save your presentation video by screen recording, simply tap a button when you present.

For more details: Also check out How to present Jig Workshop in a Zoom video conference call.

AR Creation Software for Android Users

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Lesson Two: Business Applications
Lesson Three: Create Your Own