Manna M. Chang

Kijo was here.

About Me

A little different from my First Post…

My name is Manna Chang.  Hablo Cantonese, no hablo Mandarin.

A Freshman.  Class of 2015.

Alumni of Fort Hamilton High School.

I am a listener, not much of a talker.  I do talk and it doesn’t mean that I am shy if I don’t talk.

My brain tends to process slowly but too many thing or nothing is going through my head, so a concise, solid, and structure sentence may take a while to form.

Hate List
1. Writing, especially when I don’t know what to write about
2. Stealing my food without asking
3. Lies
4. And more…

Love List
1. Food – Seafood in general, Japanese and Korean food on rare occasions because they are expensive.
2. Manga (Japanese graphic novel) – preferably Seinen and comedy
3. Japanese and (recently) Korean culture
4. Mind-boggling, twisted, mysterious, psychological related types of stories :)
5.  Korean music
6.  Watching Youtube videos of storm chasers chasing after tornados and supercell thunderstorm
7.  And more…

What I Should Be Doing yet Don’t Do
1. Watching movies
2. Eliminating my procrastination habit
3. Develop a sense of interest to new things
4. Rediscovering my old interest
5. And More…