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To be honest, I don’t exactly like the idea of blogging for a public I don’t know. I have blogged before, but never for a class and never did I expect it to be personal in this sense. But one does what one needs to for a grade.

Where have I been?

I grew up in Fort Greene, Brooklyn. It’s a neighborhood that’s primarily middle class African-American, with a surge in middle class whites over the past decade or so. There’s a vibrant student population, from the Long Island University Brooklyn Campus, St. Joseph’s College, and Pratt University. There’s also about 4 public schools and two private schools in an 8 block radius or so from my apartment building, 3 of which I have attended. The public schools are some of the better ones in this part of the borough, so it attracts some kids from other neighborhoods to its population, largely comprised of children from Fort Greene, Clinton-Hill, and Bedford-Stuyvesant.

So I spent most of my childhood in the neighborhood, with outings occasionally to Jackson Heights, where my parents met with other Bengalis to congregate. It’s also where I spent a great number of years at test prep, preparing for important tests and the such. I grew up amongst an African-American and Hispanic community with a few Koreans and Chinese on weekends.

I spent the last four years at Stuyvesant High School. I can’t exactly sum up the experience in words, but it was immense. I made myself known in a school of 3,000+ and it wasn’t easy nor was it always pleasant. But it was done, and I could not have been more proud of anything else in my life.

So that’s where I came from.

Where am I going?

If you asked me this question one year ago, I could give you a straightforward answer. Now, I’m not so sure. My end goal is the same, if that interests you. I want to open my own financial services firm in about two decades. I am very convinced of what I want to do eventually. What concerns me, however, is how.

I’m giving Baruch a fair chance to enthrall me this first term. I’ve joined a few clubs and I have attended my first meeting at one. It seemed interesting. I’m a fan of having Friday off from school (for the time being anyways). I appreciate the Macbook. Having to not pay tuition and getting extra aid is always nice.

I’m not exactly enjoying the lack of clubs at Baruch. I’m not enjoying the lack in school spirit (although admittedly, I’m no stranger to it). I’m also waiting for the college challenge to kick in. Perhaps high school had me expecting more from college.

So where I’m going is still very much up in the air.

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