Independent Assignment 7/1/21

The following are three strong response papers that students submitted for A Room with A View:

ENG 4440 Model Response Paper #1

ENG 4440 Model Response Paper #2

ENG 4440 Model Response Paper #3

Read all three of them. Choose one excerpt (1-2 sentences) from one of the papers that you think is particularly effective. Quote it in the comment section and in a sentence or two explain why you think it is effective.

Independent Assignment 6/28/21

Your independent assignment is to keep working on your paper, which is due today at 11:59 PM.  When you have finished a draft that you are relatively happy with, I’d like you to look over the grading rubric.  Based on the rubric, assign your paper a grade. Consider what your papers does effectively and what in it would benefit from revision. If you are not satisfied with grade you have given yourself, then consider what you would need to change in order to get the grade you are aiming for. Make whatever changes you think are needed before you hand in the final draft of your paper.  (There is no need to tell me what grade you are giving your own paper.  This an exercise designed to help you approach the revision process more carefully)

Independent Assignment 6/24/21

In my experience the strongest papers on literary texts usually feature close readings of individual passages.  Thus for your independent assignment today, I would like you to find one short passage that is relevant to the paper you are writing from the novel you are analyzing. It can be as short as a paragraph. It shouldn’t be more than a couple pages long. Read the passage as slowly and attentively as you can, writing down anything you notice, any thoughts you have. After you’ve done this, read it again several times.  Try to read the passage slowly at least 5 times. Each time you do, write down your thoughts, and try to notice new things. Keep in mind whose point of view you are getting. Consider whether the author seems to be affirming that point of view or calling it into question. Pay attention to any phrases or words that seem strange or striking, and ask yourself why the author has chosen to use those phrases and words. Imagine replacing those words with other words. What gets lost? How does the particular language the author uses influence your understanding or experience of the passage? After you’ve read the passage at least 5 times and taken notes, look through what you’ve written down and identify any insights that you want to include in your paper. In the comment section, please write down one new idea you had about your topic as a result of this exercise.

Independent Assignment 6/21/21

Look over the Essay #1 Prompts.  Consider which question you would like to answer.  Once you’ve tentatively decided on a question, write down some initial thoughts in response to the answer. Consider which scenes from the text might prove most relevant and identity them in your notes.  You should try to identify roughly 2-3 scenes or passages. When you have finished, share your notes (or the part of your notes that you think is most representative of what you will be arguing) in the comment section under this post.

If you can’t find a question that you would like to answer, then you may devise your own question.  It should be focused on either A Room with a View or Mrs. Dalloway. If you choose this option, please submit a draft of your question in the comment section.


Independent Assignment 6/17/21

Go outside for thirty minutes, and take a walk in any direction. Notice what you observe, what you feel, what you think.  Imagine that you are going to turn that thirty minutes into a chapter in a novel and try to notice as much as possible about your experience as you can.

When you get back, take fifteen minutes to write down what you have observed.  Submit at least one paragraph from what you’ve written in the comments.


Independent Assignment 6/14/21

Your independent assignment is to work on your response paper, which is due by 11:59 PM on Tuesday, June 15. As part of this work, I would like you to exchange a draft of your essay with another student in the class and give each other feedback. You should read your partner’s response paper and offer that person a few comments.  Indicate what you think is working well in the essay, but also try to focus on any sentences or claims that seem confusing or that require further explanation.  You can use the comment function on MS Word or Google Docs, or you can simply add your thoughts at the end of the response paper.

You will be submitting your response paper in your individual Google Drive folder. In the same folder, please include a copy of the comments you gave to your partner. Both are due tomorrow at 11:59 PM.

I have put you all in pairs; you can find your partner below: (Nathalie)


Independent Assignment 6/10/21

Skim through a few of the critical articles on E.M. Forster (here). Choose the one you find most interesting, and try to read as much of it as you can.  If you are not satisfied with any of the articles on this blog, you can find another one on A Room with a View using the MLA Database. You may want to take notes as you read the article for future reference, but you do not need to submit your notes. In the comment section, please provide two quotations from the article you have read through (citing the correct page numbers using parenthicals). The first quotation should be what you regard as the thesis or primary argument of the article. The second quotation can be any passage that you find especially useful or provocative. For this assignment, you are simply reading the article and providing two quotations. You do no need to comment on the quotations.