Powerpoint Presentations

For your Powerpoint presentation, you will be focusing on some historical reference from the reading assignment.  It could be an artist, a work of art, a place, a historical event, or a famous figure referred to in the literary work.  (It should not be the biography of the author.  I will be going over that.) Your job is to offer the class some background information about your subject. You will be recording your presentation, using a voice-over on Powerpoint, ahead of time so that students can watch the presentation on their own.  You should save the presentation in the Google class folder. Please email me prior to putting together your presentation so I can confirm that your topic is a good one. In your slides you should provide images and any other archival materials that you find.  Your goal should be to try to make the historical context you are focusing on as vivid and understandable as possible.  After you have finished discussing your subject, briefly explain how knowledge about this reference can help us to understand the literary work.  You can consult web sources, but you must also consult one book or one scholarly article from the library database.  Please include a Works Cited, using MLA Format, at the end of your presentation.  After the presentation, you should include a final slide with the heading “Comments,” where students can respond to your presentation.

Your presentation should be roughly five minutes and no more than ten minutes.

All students are required to add a full paragraph of feedback to one presentation per week. In your paragraph, you should comment on what you found interesting in the presentation and how the materials have helped you to understand the novel.  You should keep all of the comments you offer about other students’ documentaries in a separate Word document.  I’ll be asking you to hand in that document (including all the feedback you gave to others) by the end of the session.


Sign up sheet (Please enter your name next to one of the dates below.  You will need to submit your Powerpoint presentation to the class Google drive by that date. There should be no more than six presentations submitted on a given day, so if six people have already signed up for certain date, then do not choose that date):

A Room with a View

July 18: Dylan Balaban

Mrs. Dalloway

July 20:

July 26: Jesselle Ramirez, Yan Piao, Christian Curcurato

Their Eyes Were Watching God

August 3: Marcelle Karp, Da In Lee, Victoria Meschiatti,Yosselyn Mendieta, David Smith

The Great Gatsby

August 10: Ellen Lee, Ivette Salgado, Brittney Eisenlau, Molly Ottensoser, AudreyRodriguez, Moshiur Rahman, Herlinda Bermejo