A Hijabi’s Guide on the Best Fabrics to Wear for Each Season

Each season comes with its own aura and woes. Spring comes with bright colors and warm mild weather. Winter brings about its chilly winds and neutral vibes.
Every woman who wears a hijab knows that it can be tricky to find out which scarf would be the perfect fit depending on the weather. Luckily, we created the perfect guide to help every hijabi pick the best fabric to style for.



It’s a light-weight airy fabric. It’s sheer design is essential for hot, humid summers.  It’s wrinkle resistant design and matte-like look makes it easy to style in a variety of ways. One of the pros of this fabric is that it’s breathable. However, the fabric is slippery so an undercap is essential to keep the scarf in place. 


Silk fabric is very smooth. It has a soft finish that makes it easy to wrap in multiple layers without feeling sweaty and stuffy. Silk scarves come in a rectangle shape. They come in a various prints specifically vintage style which is great for evening wear.  It won’t require pins or magnet to hold it. A simple knot in the back of the scarf is all that’s necessary to maintain it.



Crinkle Cut Cotton 

A mainstream fabric in the hijab market at the moment. This soft and feathery fabric is compatible in all types of weather. This fabric is highly sought out because of it’s low maintenance care. It’s crinkle cut design doesn’t require ironing. It has non-slippery foundation.


One of the most durable fabrics in the market right now. It has a soft and stretchy design which makes it easy to wrap in seconds. It conserves heat which is suitable for the cool fall weather. Although it helps to keep you warm, it has a cool touch to it which helps during the temperature increase on fall afternoons.


A fabric similar to chiffon but without the slippery feel. Rayon is for those slightly warm autumn days. Rayon has a thin-medium thickness which helps when the temperature changes frequently


A heavy and opaque fabric which is ideal for freezing, cold days. It’s thick design helps one feel toasty and cozy. It does require safety pins when layering the scarf.


Pro Tip When it Comes to Wearing Any Fabric:

  • Always wear an underscarf/undercap with your hijab; It prevents slippage and keeps your hijab in place
  • Cotton underscarves  are best worn during the fall/winter months as they keep your warm
  • Mesh underscarves are handy during the hot summer months  especially with chiffon scarves as they allow maximum breathability to your scalp
  • Silk-satin lined underscaves are recommended to protect and nourish your hair
  • Use magnet pins instead of safety pins. Magnet pins prevent damage to your scarves; they don’t create holes in the fabric like safety pins do.

Where to Purchase These Types of Fabrics and Underscarves

Veiled Collection 

Culture Hijab 

Demure Hijab




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