Blogger of the Month: Jasmine Fares

Welcome to The Wrap’s “Blogger of the Month” feature. Blogger of the Month is where we introduce you to the latest popular Muslim Social Media influencers. Blogger of the Month lets you know about the unique aesthetics, styles, and brands that this month’s featured social media influencer use to curate their modest fashion looks.

This December, we would like to introduce you to Instagram social media influencer, Jasmine Fares. 

(Photo Credit: Pinterest) 

Blogger: Jasmine Fares 

Known for: Instagram Influencer

Followers: 494,000

Jasmine Fares is a Canadian-Lebanese blogger. She is a well-known content creator on InstagramYoutuber, and TikTok. She is also the founder of Fares Collection, a modest fashion brand dedicated to providing minimalistic essential pieces. Her creative content is about fashion, travel, comedy, and normative social issues. 

Jasmine Fares initially started her digital platform in 2017 on YouTube, where she would create videos about her daily life, travel destinations, and clothing style tips. After her YouTube platform’s success and positive reception, Fares moved to Instagram, where she frequently posts about her outfits. Fares also creates content with her husband, Dawood Harb, which focuses mainly on their lifestyle as a Muslim influencers. Fares has collaborated with well-known brands like Haute HijabCulture HijabNominal, and more. 

Jasmine Fares’ Aesthetic:

  • Neutral Colors
  • Minimalism