Blogger of the Month: Omaya Zein

Welcome to The Wrap’s “Blogger of the Month” feature. Blogger of the Month is where we introduce you to the latest popular Muslim Social Media influencers. Blogger of the Month lets you know about the unique aesthetics, styles, and brands that this week’s featured social media influencer use to curate their modest fashion looks.

(Photo Credit: Pinterest)

Blogger: Omaya Zein

Known for: Instagram influencer

Followers: 1.2 million

 Omaya Zein is a Venezuelan-Palestinian blogger with various platforms on YouTube, Instagram, and more. She has a large following of over a million users. Her content is revolved around food, fashion, makeup, and travel. She is most active on Instagram where she posts about her modest fashion looks and how she assembles them. She is praised by some of the largest modest brands for her effortless, stylish looks. In fact, she is well-known for being a brand representative for Modanisa -one of the largest modest fashion brands in the world.

Omaya Zein was a banker who created vlogs about her life on Youtube. In the beginning of her blogging journey, she would film videos about the different styles of wearing the hijab. She would create videos about creating different outfits for different occasions. When she launched her blogging career full-time on Instagram, she received positive reception for her representation in the modest fashion industry. She became one of the most well-known faces of the modest fashion industry modeling for a variety of brands.  Following the success of her Instagram platform, she launched a TikTok account where she posts funny relatable content. 

Omaya Zein’s Favorite  Go- To Fashion Brand: 


Omaya Zein’s Aesthetic: 

  • Chiffon scarves 
  • Pastel Colors