The Wrap takes readers inside the world of modest fashion, which caters to women. Modest fashion is a niche in the global fashion industry that caters to women who prefer to dress in away that covers their body.  What sets modest fashion apart from the conventional fashion is its take on curating styles that focus on making a specific aesthetic/aura  become the spotlight when donning an outfit.

The blog sets itself apart from other sites by reporting on modest fashion brands, talking about the latest aesthetics and styles in social media, and introducing people to aspiring modest fashion figures. (Add in more details about the types of stories you’d like to cover)

The creator of this blog is Masuma Uddin, whose interest in fashion was piqued at a very young age. Growing up as a Muslim woman, she found it challenging to find clothing that would be modest yet stylish. She would search endless hours on the internet , finding the perfect companies to meet her taste in fashion. She knows that with social media platforms now saturated with modest fashion accounts, it’s difficult to find your best styles. Let The Wrap help you find your best styles.