What It Takes To Make It In New York

Candice Cordero

Professor Penaz

Essay 5

May 18, 2009



What It Takes To Make It In New York


New York is like no other city in the world. It is a 24 hour-a-day city with an electric energy at rest and in motion. Perhaps nowhere else in the world is there so much going on around the clock. It expects nothing but the best from its citizens – the best doctors, lawyers, engineers, professors, designers, fashion, food, etc. All kinds of people from around the world come here to seek the best from the best. New York is also one of the busiest and most competitive cities in the whole world, and there is more competition here than any other place.

The two most important factors to becoming successful in New York are hard work and a good education.  These two things eliminate any boundaries or limits to becoming successful.

New York is an extremely competitive city that strives for excellence. Therefore, academics are the keys to making the leap from the classroom into the best job placement.

Education is fundamental to compete for the best jobs in the New York City. A good education is essential to success in New York. One cannot get ahead in the city without some sort of solid educational foundation. New York is extremely competitive. People are paid for the knowledge they retain and the amount of education they received while they were students. People with the most knowledge get granted with the best benefits, jobs, and income.  A proper education cannot be taken away from anyone. It is always there as a backbone for success and speaks louder than anything else. It takes focus off of everything else – race, ethnicity, gender, and orientation. It stands alone. Having a good education means having an advantage over everyone else. People who have a good education earn better jobs than people who do not. High paying jobs are given to those with college degrees and people who get further in school than most. People with good educations are more articulate than the average person, know how to deal with certain situations, and have the basic knowledge to deal with problems that not just anyone can deal with. Having a good education means having better standards.  

Everyone is given an equal chance in New York to become successful the dependent factor is the level of education the person received. Anyone from an immigrant to a socialite can get very far in New York City. An example of this idea is my uncle. He was an immigrant from Colombia who came to New York without knowing a single word of English. He started from the bottom and slowly worked his way up. After going to school, attending college, earning scholarships, and finally graduating from Columbia University Medical School; my uncle became one of the most recognized gastrointerologists in New York City. He serves as a perfect example of how a good education is key to becoming successful in New York. 

Another necessary part to being successful in New York is hard work. Determination to reach a certain life goal and quickness in this fast paste city is what it takes to get far here. It takes a lot of dedication to strive in this city. One must have a great understanding of the city. It is important to absorb and acknowledge all of the amazing attributes New York offers. It is imperative to absorb and appreciate all of its vitality. When we stop to take a moment to appreciate the collage of themes, building structures, museums, bridges, and galleries, we realize how fortunate we are of our geographic location. We realize that education and our surroundings enrich our lives. We understand that part of the reason why we have such a competitive drive is due to the range of excellence the city strives for. Perhaps it is the reason why we are so hyperactive and eager to give the best of ourselves.

Making it in New York takes an understanding of the city, a good education, determination, and lots of hard work. A person’s success is limited without any of these factors. In this extremely busy and competitve city, only the best and most motivated people reach the top of the success ladder. In order to succeed in New York City one must educate themselves and be determined enough to compete against the abundance of people who strive to be the best. 

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