Seth Godin;in a novice’s point of view.

11 05 2009

The world is filled with people who have expert opinions on certain topics. Seth Godin attacks an interest without saying much. Although he is one of the few who’s blog posts contain the least amount of words, they speak massively. Almost all of the elements of being a top-of-the-line blogger will be found on Godin’s page.(

The style of writing on Godin’s blog isn’t much out of the ordinary. He doesn’t try to come off sounding like an expert on his topics. He basically hits the main idea directly without beating around the bush. When he speaks upon “What to do with people who aren’t going to go away quietly,” each paragraph states an issue, and directly approaches it. When he wrote “Don’t try to talk a vegan into eating the chicken-fried steak just because the chef will yell at you if you ask for one more plate of steamed vegetables,” He told us directly from the first sentence to not try and change something when it obviously won’t change.

The basic layout of the blog itself is very plain, but still catches the eye of the other bloggers. With a plain white background, the yellow color scheme definitely keeps you focused on his page. It was smart of him not to mix in many more colors because the attention of the reader is lost and they can only focus on the visual aspects, rather than the aspects put in text.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and thoughts on things. Some readers might be against what Godin has to say, and some might support and understand his meanings on ideas. For example, in his post on “two halves of the value fraction,” he talks about how “people actually care more about value.” Some people believe that value does matter more than the price of a good, some think the total opposite. As much as this sounds like total facts and truth to one, on the other hand, it can conflict with an opinion of another with a total different perspective.

It is pretty simple to get in contact with Seth. A quick comment on a post, or subscribing to his page, even “clicking on his head” in the main page, will get you connected with the blogger one way or another. He also created other public ways of reaching out to people by using squidoo, and recommending books on the side of his page. Although he might not be able to communicate personally, through the books, it’ll give you the idea of what he was speaking of.

And with the books, it becomes a helpful source of information. His idea of value and stalling has a great relation with my practical views on such topics. And with such understanding, to expand it, the books recommended become a stepping stone into a learning session. His page is pretty clear and simple. There aren’t any secret buttons or hidden messages that he keeps from us. Everything is out there for the public to use and his willingness to reach out is stupendous.