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here have many sayings or cliques spread throughout our culture, pertaining to New York, and its infectious atmosphere, on its residents with dreams of “making it big”. Quotes such as “If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere”, are one of the many invisible truths to being successful in New York. This type of analysis of New York’s culture is true, due to its shear hard nose style of competition, industrial wise and its fast paced lifestyle. However, one might ask, what is it really that drives certain individuals in New York to become more than the ordinary and strive to be extraordinary? Well the key component to that drive, is an individual’s usage of adversity. Do to adversity, it pushes one beyond their normal limits or breaking points, testing them mentally and physically, producing an end result of a well accomplished individual, if successful in persevering. Adversity is also known as dip, clarified by Seth Godin in his novel title “The Dip”, where he compares adversity to a steep mountain climb, which separates the best from the average.

            However adversity doesn’t always result in a successful completion of one’s trial of self endurance. Sometimes a person ends up failing, persevering for a cause that was simply out of their reach. That’s why adversity greatly benefits the citizens of the lower class, the individuals considered to be the bottom of the social class structure. Many consider the lower class portion of society to be obsolete and nonexistent in the everyday general public accomplishments. Yet it is this so called weakness of social class, which provides their greatest strength and motivation.

            This fact proves to be true, because when striving to for the top, what other place is better to start from the bottom looking up. With little or nothing to start out with, it is no wonder their drive for success is so powerful. As Malcolm Gladwell states in essay “….it is better to start at the bottom, because it is there that you learned the discipline and motivation essential for success.” (Gladwell).

            People fail to realize that not all successful individuals started off with a silver spoon in their mouth, but instead they battle through adversity, and work for their success. For example, in Malcolm Gladwell’s “The Uses of Adversity: Can Underprivileged Outsiders Have an Advantage?” is a non-fictional story about a man named Sidney Weinberg who at an early age was born into poverty and was at a major disadvantage socially, in New York. However these same disadvantages that were suppose to make him weak made him even stronger. He began at a young age going to random office buildings from top to bottom, asking everyone in the offices if they desired an available assistant. His persistence soon paid off when he later gained a job as an assistant to a janitor, earning no more than $3 an hour. He was later moved to flag boy for a trolley service, which one day was headed to the Sachs family town house. There he met the grandson of the founder of Goldman Sachs.

As a result he eventually made it big in the business industry, with his contributions made to Goldman Sachs, turning the meager partnership into the leading investment bank in the world. Even though Weinberg was not a financial wizard, he made up the difference with excellent social skills, overcoming his adversity. The fact that he would brag about having a low class education or the fact that he was an outsider to the business world, thus not being corrupted by the insider’s point of view, attracted a lot of business partners to him. His constant boasting of being an underprivileged individual, paid off because it allowed him to be an open minded individual, so that he could better connect with people of the wealthy crowd.

Adversity is the key factor in what drives people to that ultimate goal of success, especially when dealing with the competitive nature that is the lifestyle of New York. However due to the nature of adversity, it steadily reduces the number of competition around an individual as the trail or tests get even strenuous and more difficult, to separate the mentally focused from the ones who break under pressure. The city of New York is the success that it is today, due to the fact that it prospers from this competition, because it helps bring about the best personnel well adapted to the city’s aggressive standard of living.

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Blogs are the new face of how we express our daily ideas, passions, beliefs and so on forth. Connecting with its reader on a spiritual or intellectual level, is the key to a successful blog. They also can be extremely helpful by requiring the feedback or opinions of their readers. Sparkling templates and dazzling colors alone does not guarantee you a willing reading audience. Rather it is the viewpoint of these writers, who expresses their inner most thoughts, as a means to reach out to a similar audience. This viewpoint or rather a unique voice, appeals to a reader, because of its ability to strike a chord in ones consciousness that resonates with the outlook of the viewer.

            One blog I think connects with its audience is the Wal-Mart blog. As you know, Wal-mart is a huge marketing depot franchise that provides efficient pricing and as well as convenience to its everyday customers everywhere. However with the addition of its blog, it has established itself as being ahead of the competition such as Costco’s, BJ’s and other shopping depots. Wal-Mart frequently puts out information or suggestions as a means to further connect to their already mass clientele and consumers.

 On this site Wal-Mart provides information on its latest products, as well as ideas for up and coming products. The blog’s blog is composed of simple marketing designs, nothing too fancy that would take away from the attention span of the reader.  What makes Wal-Mart different from the other retail stores out there, is the fact that it welcomes its customers to provide feedback to their suggestions. It keeps the viewers updated and informed through blogging, which not many retail stores take advantage of.  This type of communication benefits both the store and customers, for example one of the recent post by Wal-Mart brought up a discussion of how color trends affected the selection laptops. At the end of the post, there was a poll for which color would people prefer to see on the PC’s. Wal-Mart utilizes polls such as these to influence their selection of laptops for their customers benefit, in return the store prospers from its sales.

A blog main purpose is to not talk over its viewers but, instead talk to them and make a connection. As well as in some ways provide useful information that might be beneficial take away information for its followers. Wal-Mart does a great job at informing its consumers of the newest and most recent products they have available. The fact that it also welcomes responses to their suggestions of recommended goods, is additionally great.

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New York City as we know is comprised of many big name attractions and entertainment spots, decorated with an enormous assortment of dazzling neon lights and signs. One of New York’s main attractions is theatre. Theatre has existed in New York ever since the late 1690’s, as it was the earliest source of entertainment found in New York at the time. In New York, there is a mass selection of theatres scattered all over city of New York. Theatres are halls of mystery, drama, comedy and other invisible emotional expressions we seek out as viewers of these plays. A brand of theatre that is well known in New York is located on the strip called Broadway. Broadway has made a name for its self with its key performances and big name attractions, shows such as Rent, Cats and The Phantom of The Opera. The main Broadway theatre district located in the vicinity of Times Square is a main tourist spot and venue for theatre. The terms Broadway and theatre have become almost synonymous, making New York the center of theatrical entertainment. The theatre has become deeply entwined with the culture of New York. What brings these plays to life is the courageous and amazing actors which, by day blend in with the rest of the crowd as regular commuters and at night take on another persona and become part of the play or performance.

            When you mention Broadway, people automatically think of the world’s most famous street, the well-known strip of street located between 41st and 53st on Broadway in Times Square, Manhattan. In reality, a Broadway house is comprised of 499 seats and above in order to be deemed as a Broadway theatre. As an industry Broadway, is a billion dollar production, grossing about $939 million dollars in New York alone, as stated by Broadway producer Pun Bandhu. To this day the Broadway theatre district has been commercialized and advertised widely throughout the City of New York. Billboards and posters filled with key name plays such as the Lion King, Wicked, Momma Mia and many others.

Although the origins of theatre began around the 1690’s, it was around the 1800’s that the emergence of Broadway began. Broadway in New York, at the time, during the early stages of theatre was the epicenter for live theatrical entertainment. Since New York was a mixture of freshly arrived immigrants, all theatrical acts were imported from England. Theatre also was a production meant to provide emotional enlightenment to the public during times of crisis such as the stock market crash and the world wars.

A few entrepreneurs decided to move the theatres away from the downtown area of Manhattan, such as the Wall Street area, and constructed the Madison Square theatre on 29st. At the time no one expected the theatre to become successful, due to the fact; it was far away from the local towns. However later on construction of the Casino theatre followed suit, which became a huge success. Soon other theatres where built around the district and developed into a section of town that consisted of the best in live entertainment. Due to the success of these theatre productions, it greatly impacted the city of New York.  The production of the “Black Crook” established itself as Broadway’s first performance which mixed songs, dance and a storyline to accommodate the performance. Theatres in New York consist of a rich and spontaneous culture that has contributed greatly to the reputation of the city. In the 1900’s, Construction of theatres would concentrate around the Flat Iron Building district and soon expand down Broadway into midtown Manhattan.

 Broadway itself is the longest running street in New York. The Broadway theatre district however, stretches from 41st street to 53st street between 6th and 8th avenue in Manhattan. Due to the mass array of bright colorful lights and signs that decorate the district of 41st and 53st and Broadway, it gained the nickname the “great white way”. Even though there are 36 total theatres located between 41st and 53st of Broadway, there are only 4 actual theatres physically located on the Broadway strip. The other theatres are either located east or west of the Broadway.  However, not all theatrical performances are considered Broadway theatre productions. Actually theatres of 499 seats and above are known as Broadway theatres. Theatres containing 199 seats to 499 seats are considered off-Broadway theatres. Lastly, theaters who contain 99 seats and below are off off-broadway theatres. Theatres such as the off-Broadway theatres are located all over New York, in boroughs such as Queens and Brooklyn. Broadway theatre performances are not always considered better than their off-Broadway counterparts.

             The name Broadway itself contains a rich history of famous and prominent theatre performances over years in New York, which legacy still carries on to this day. The Broadway theatre district contributed greatly to the fame and popularity of Times Square, since it is located in the same vicinity. Theatre in New York is an expression of the captured deeper feelings and emotions we find dormant within ourselves, from day to day experiences, released in an emotional performance we, as an audience, can spiritually relate to. When one mentions theatre, you cannot help but relate the idea to the City of New York, due to its contribution to the living art form we know today as theatre.



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A striving perfectionist as a producer and an actor, Robert De Niro is second to none in his work ethic. This unique quality is what established himself as a well respected and iconic actor in history. A fellow New Yorker, Robert De Niro leaves a legacy of memorable screen actor performances of brilliant and timeless movies such as The Godfather Part II, Cape Fear, Raging Bull, Taxi Driver, and Goodfellas. Due to his work ethic, in every movie he has stared in, his presence was felt, as the characters he portrayed were the heart and soul of the film, thus given him a vast amount of awards for his key performances. In the movie Taxi Driver, which was shot in New York City, Robert De Niro's performance also created the well known catch phrase "Are you talking to me?", which is well known in New York.


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A city’s uniqueness is measured by its ability to leave a lasting impression on an individual, whether they are visiting for the first time or simply passing through another state. One city that has this exclusive ability is New York City. Qualities such as the timeless, historical structures, variety of urban areas, and a mass blend of ethnic groups, truly makes an individual feel at home regardless of ethnic background. New York within itself is comprised of sites such as Rockefeller Center, Times Square, Statue of Liberty and the Empire State building, which are all well distinguished locations of New York. The reason these certain locations are easily identifiable with the metropolis of New York is due to the fact it does a great job representing the qualities of what makes the city so magnificent. While these certain locations are well known, one location that exudes the essence of New York culture is Central Park. Located, ironically, in the center of Manhattan, Central Park is one of the must see places of New York. What separates Central Park from any other parks out there is the fact that it is surrounded by the typical New York culture. The massive buildings, arching over the top view of the park, the mini sidewalk art galleries, where urban artwork is put on display for the public and sold, and the key name marketing stores all add to the background view of the park. Besides the fact of being massive in size and engulfed in the New York City atmosphere, the park itself is truly amazing.

Known as a National Landmark since 1965, the features of Central Park are composed of different facets, influenced by parks from all over, arraying from its massive and elegant landscape, to the sculptures pegged at random parts of the park.  The park brings in about 25 million people annually. Having a real naturalistic view to itself the park is actually a landscaped blend of different attributes.  Features such as Cleopatra’s Needle, an illustrious structure from Egypt, and the timeless structure of the Belvedere Castle are located in the park. Qualities such as this represent how unique and exotic Central Park really is. The park itself seems as if it were a museum rather than a park.  The park combines urban life with nature, history, everyday entertainment and exotic qualities. The variety of structures and landscapes of the park are what allow the park to portray the diversity that is New York City.

The view inside and outside of Central Park represents the life of New York. Inside the park you cannot help but notice the reflection of the towering structures bounce of the crystal clear pond by bay. The buildings complement the background of the park’s ariel view. Notable buildings for instance the Essex House, the Dakota Building, and the Trump International Hotel and Tower can be seen peeking over the trees, from certain points of the park. While park goers are ensnared in the beauty and elegance of the exotic, the buildings provide enough flare to let an individual be aware of the fat that they are still in New York, without taking away from the aspects of the park.

            Central park, besides having a natural look, also contains urban qualities such as the highly energetic street dancers, fascinating art vendors, amusing ice rinks and pleasurable concert halls. Street dancers are practically are seen all around the park. They represent the urban style of the city, because they boast different varieties of expressing emotions through creative artwork known as dancing. Passerby’s in the park, captivated, are grouped together to watch this unique performance by these street performers.

Also there are wide variety of artwork vendors strewed along the walkways inside and outside the park located near east drive and Fifth Avenue. It is almost unavoidable to either catch a glimpse of the table stand decorated with various pieces of urban artwork or to be simply asked if you are interested in having a self-portrait of yourself to be done. The art that is sold is archetypal New York artwork, such as an oil painting of Times Square at night with radian colors portraying the brilliant night lights. The whole basis of the painting or artwork shows the appreciation these artists have of their city.

The concert hall is the epicenter of entertainment in Central Park. With a wide array of performance ranging from musical based to theatrical, it attracts a wide group of diverse crowds to these events every summer. Musical performances by big name artists such as Elton John, Diana Ross, and Bon Jovi as well as theatrical festivals such as the New York Shakespeare festival are all but a few of the events that take place at the park. The fact that the entertainment events consist of so much diverseness in personalities and cultures really shows how the park represents New York diversity.

Great cities are made by their landmarks, because it is their landmarks that effectively represent the true culture of the city. This quality helps distinguish these certain locations or places from any other city or state, due to the fact that it is unique in its own way. It is this unique characteristic that makes the landmark significant to any individual who is in the vicinity of the location, due to its poignant meaning. This is the reason why central park is the ideal landmark, can clear representation of New York City.

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 A great city is the epicenter of a state. What makes a city so unique is the way it can leave a lasting impression on an individual, whether visiting for the first time or leaving to another state. One city that has his unique quality is New York City. New York is one of the most recognized cities in the United States, because of its ability to leave lasting impressions on so many individuals. Qualities such as the timeless and  historical structures, a variety of urban areas, and a mass blend of ethnic groups, truly makes an individual feel at home regardless of ethnic background. Due to those strong feelings, the impression a person has of the city is magnified, because of its emotional significance. Since there is a strong impression of the city, the individual could be placed randomly at any point of the city and still recognize that they are in New York. The reason these certain locations are so easily identifiable with its city, is the fact that it does a great job representing the qualities of what makes the city so magnificent.

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The city of New York is one of the most recognized places in the whole United States. For people such as tourist or vacationers who travel a great distance to witness the greatness of this brilliant city, they stand in awe, baffled, when they gaze upon the heaven tickling structures, textile merchandise and our hectic commute up and down the sidewalks. What makes New York so wonderful is it’s wide variety of ethnicities, cultures and urban structures. Because the city of New York is so diverse, even a basic activity such as walking can turns into a personal adventure. A leisurely stroll down the sidewalk in Manhattan, can feel like a walk through a living art gallery. In New York City, you could begin a walk route at any part of the city and still create a memorable New Yorker’s experience. What is it about our city, which makes it so irresistible to so many individuals? What about New York that makes it stand out from any other city out there? Also what walking route would provide the premier New Yorker experience?

New York City within itself contains many unknown cities, each uniquely different from the other. What makes these cites so unique are their sense of culture, style and diverse ethnicities. Within these cites you have different societies that co-exist with each other. This blend of diversity, for instance, –a halal food kart on the sidewalk, occupying the same block space as an Italian pizza store– which is next to a Mexican grill bar. Due to this diverseness everyone and anyone could find something they would prefer in the city. The diverseness is not only limited to food but, clothing, personalities and so much more. This makes the possibilities endless. Due to this, one could not help but find walking around the city to be a captivating activity.

In the city, walking in itself is a personal odyssey. The reason for this is that while walking in the city, you don’t know what you will find that will amaze you, due to the diversity of the city. For instance you might walk into the toy ‘r’ us shopping center, located in time square and be amazed by how they were able to fit such a big size Ferris wheel into the middle of the store. The fact that the scenery and people constantly changes in the city, it is almost as if it were a movie which you are a player. The bright lights of a theater, the loud chatter from pedestrians all around you, and the frantic honking of the horns by the, ever so busy, cab drivers. By day or night Manhattan never seems to lack any of its excitement or luster. People are always walking about hastily either for personal enjoyment or to arrive at a certain desired location. Such urgency makes a simple stroll really exciting. Every street, avenue or park way, is a doorway to a new society, within the city, which you had not seen before. For instance you could end up making a left turn at a corner into China Town, which you have always heard about but had never seen in person. By gaining memorable experiences, while walking through Manhattan, an individual will cherish their walking route even more.

A memorable walk route around Manhattan truly creates an ideal New Yorkers experience. The reason for this is, the more intrigued an individual was by the diversity present in the different aspects of the walk, the more likely they are to retain memory of that magnificent walk. For example, the walk route I previously took was a walk up Eighth Avenue. The route began around West Fourth Street. Around this area of west fourth all the way to about thirteenth and Eighth Avenue, were a string of apartment complexes. Every now and then between each block would be a textile merchandise outlets. Following that was Fourteenth and Eighth Avenue, right away you notice the mass of urban culture’s artwork, the poster, strewed all over temporary construction plywood barriers. The posters are a mixture of up and coming movies, release dates of a particular artists’ album and advertisement for unique urban devices such as the iPod. Moving along Eighth Avenue the scene builds suspense, as if it were an epic movie viewed by an anxious audience waiting for the climax. As I progressed down the avenue, a rush of aromas bombarded my nostrils, each carrying a distinct culture of dishes. Such as a little bit of Italian ever so delicious pizza or an American style blt mouth watering sandwich. I then realized that the smell was coming from various food depots as Subway, An Italian Pizza parlor, Chinese takeout place and a smoothie bar. This area epitomizes the diverseness of New York in the facets of food go.

I then stumbled upon the structure that is referred to as “The Mecca of all sports complexes”, Madison Square Garden. Any New Yorker that is a sports fan knows of at least some of the history behind this historic and franchised complex contains. Across the street ironically is another massive structure known as the United States Post Office. At first glance the building itself looks as if it were a court house. After passing MSG we then find various trendy footwear and clothing stores. There also were mini t-shirts store which sold the “I Love New York” merchandise. Stores such as these are what also give our city its great identity, by displaying how much we feel about the city we live in. Soon after that we reach the building of the widely circulated newspaper of New York, The New York Times building. The height of the building alone up close was enough for me to snap my head to get a better view.

As the walk begins to reach its end point, I then reach the main event, Forty Second Street. Forty Second Street to this day, is one of the most captivating places I had ever seen. Also the famous site of them all would be Times Square, which is truly the center of Manhattan. Forty Second Street is always a treat to stroll through because it is a place that never ceases to amaze me. The atmosphere and people around there embodies the great diverseness of New York and also the bright lights from the big screens spread all over the building fronts, makes you feel proud to live in a city such as New York.

New York is a city in its own unique category. Its great diverseness provides a comforting feeling to anyone of different ethnic backgrounds. The fact that New York’s culture is so unique in all aspects of its society; it fascinates any individual who decides to explore these aspects with a pleasant stroll around the city. Its bright lights, fast paced commuters, key name marketing franchises, and ageless plus timeless structures makes New York, a city to remember and never forget.

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Hello fellow new yorkers and individuals from other states, welcome to my blog! My name is Troyster Joseph and  I am a undergraduate student attending Baruch College in Manhattan. This is my first time operating a blog on my own, so I am sort of nervous and excited to share my ideas with all you individuals out there so bare with me.