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BettySoo – “Whisper My Name”

This song starts with 4 instruments playing all at once which are the strings (acoustic guitar, bass, and electric guitar) and a percussion (drums).  At the 0:11 mark, the main melody starts, being the vocals, and the second acoustic guitar comes in as well.

Although there is a second vocal at the background when the chorus is sang (at 0:39, 1:49, 2:47) the main melody is still there and no new main melody is introduced, hence the texture of this song is homophonic. The harmony of the song is simple; there are a couple of chords that are played repetitive throughout the song but a different chord is played at 0:06-0:09, 1:16-1:19 and 2:26-2:29 but still it goes together (consonant).

The vocal melody does not change much with the exceptions of the second vocal coming into play in the background when the chorus is sang and a slightly high pitch can be heard when the lyrics “All the trouble I’ve seen” is sang. The dynamics of this song is quite soft.

The measure of this song is in a duple meter. The rhythm is centered by the first acoustic guitar and the tempo is between andante and moderato since there are no big changes in the speed of the beats. At mark 2:31, there is a slight accent on the drums but still the song is in binary form.