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Michael Buble – “Haven’t Met You Yet”


Rhythm: The piano in the beginning of the music tells just that there are 4 beats per measure, thus the rhythm is a duple meter.  Later other instruments such as the drums and bass help us keep track of the beat and tempo.  At 1:43 we can hear the tempo increase.  The speed of the beats can be described as andante.

Timbre / Instrumentation: The music is bright, lively, positive, and clear. You can hear all the different instruments playing.  The music is upbeat and light.  We can hear  the piano, drums, bass, strings, trumpet, and guitar.

Melody: the music has a major scale, which helps create the feeling of joy and positivity.  The melody has a high frequency, the rate at which the pitches move is closer together. The vocal is the main melody while the other instruments are accompaniments up.

Harmony:  All the instruments work harmoniously with the singer’s voice. We can hear modulation at 0:48, 1:42, 2:16.  There are plenty of modulations and at 2:15 we can hear consonance.

Dynamics: The music is generally laying in mf, but during the climax points the dynamic changes to f.  

Texture: Since there is just one melody with several accompaniments, then the texture of the music is homophonic. You can hear arpeggio at 2:48 – 3:00.

Form: This song has a rondo form where it has 5 parts.  Although, there are a lot of repetition there are also many changes in the music.