Business Insights: Essentials Is Upgraded to Business Insights: Global

Thanks to recent deal between Gale and CUNY, we’ve expanded CUNY-wide access to a number of Gale products at a very reasonable cost. We’re now have access (again) to Business Insights: Global, which offers more content than the Business Insights: Essentials product we have had for the past few years. The URL and product name have been updated on the database lists.

Look soon for more announcements on the blog about Gale products.

One thought on “Business Insights: Essentials Is Upgraded to Business Insights: Global”

  1. If you haven’t used Business Insights lately, what do you need to know? They have added industry reports from Plunkett Research. These are data driven reports that focus on financial analysis, ratios, competitor analytics and forecasts. SWOTS are still there and they come from GlobalData (also found in Nexis Uni) as are histories from the International Directory of Company Histories. The industry essays are from the Gale Encyclopedias of American Industries/Emerging Industries/ and Global Industries. In Business Insights these essays are from the latest 2018 editions; in Gale VRL they are from the older 2011 editions.

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