Artemis Branding Disappears from Gale Literature Databases

14 02 2017

Gale has changed the branding with the Artemis label on its literature databases (but not on its primary source databases). To reflect that we have made the following changes on our database lists:

  • Renamed the existing listing for “Artemis Literary Sources” to “Gale Literary Sources (formerly Artemis)” and moved it to the G tab in the A-Z list.
  • Added a temporary pointer link on the A tab on the A-Z list for “Artemis Literary Sources is now called Gale Literary Sources” (this pointer link will be removed at the end of the spring semester)
  • Renamed “Literature Criticism Online (Artemis)” as “Literature Criticism Online (Gale Literary Sources”) and “Literature Resource Center (Artemis)” as “Literature Resource Center (Gale Literary Sources)”

Changes to Some Gale Databases

14 02 2017

We’ve recently lost access to Twayne’s Author Series and to the current contents on World Scholar: Latin American and the Caribbean (we’ve retained access to the archives).

Our subscription to Business Insights: Global has changed to Business Insights: Essentials.

All changes have been reflected on our A-Z database pages and subject database pages.

New Databases: American Fiction 1774-1920 and LGBT History and Culture

5 04 2016

We purchased two new databases from Gale:

American Fiction, 1774-1920

  • Full text of novels, short stories, romances, fictitious biographies, travel accounts, allegories, and tract-like tales.
  • Links found on
    • A-Z database page
    • English – Databases page

LGBT History and Culture

  • From the vendor: “With material drawn from hundreds of institutions and organizations, including both major international activist organizations and local, grassroots groups, the documents in the Archives of Human Sexuality and Identity: LGBTQ History and Culture since 1940 present important aspects of LGBTQ life in the second half of the twentieth century and beyond. The archive illuminates the experiences not just of the LGBTQ community as a whole, but of individuals of different races, ethnicities, ages, religions, political orientations, and geographical locations that constitute this community. Historical records of political and social organizations founded by LGBTQ individuals are featured, as well as publications by and for lesbians and gays, and extensive coverage of governmental responses to the AIDS crisis. The archive also contains personal correspondence and interviews with numerous LGBTQ individuals, among others. The archive includes gay and lesbian newspapers from more than 35 countries, reports, policy statements, and other documents related to gay rights and health, including the worldwide impact of AIDS, materials tracing LGBTQ activism in Britain from 1950 through 1980, and more.”
  • Links found on:
    • A-Z database page
    • History – Databases page
    • Women’s Studies – Databases page

If there are other subject database pages that we should add links to, please let Mike or me know.

Two New Database Trials with Archival Materials

10 02 2016

Through March 31, we have trial access to two new collections from Gale:

Access is available from on and off campus. Links to these two databases can be found on the “Trials” tab of the databases page.

Please share this with any faculty who might help us evaluate them and encourage them to use the form on the trials page for providing feedback.


Cancelled Database: LitFinder

6 01 2016

The CUNY-wide subscription to LitFinder has ended. Links to the database have been removed from LibGuides.

What To Do When a Gale Database Won’t Load

17 06 2015

Today I learned about an odd problem that seems to only be affecting Firefox: when you try to connect to some (but not all) Gale databases from our library site, you get an error page from Gale suggesting that there is a problem with our website. I’ve seen this problem especially with MLA International Bibliography and with Academic OneFile. If you use another browser–Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer–you shouldn’t see this problem. But if you’re in Firefox, you can make it go away by clearing the browser cache.

Mozilla’s instructions for clearing the cache suggest these steps:

  1. Click the menu button New Fx Menu and choose Options.

  2. Select the Advanced panel.
  3. Click on the Network tab.
  4. In the Cached Web Content section, click Clear Now.
    clear cache incontent
  5. Close the about:preferences page. Any changes you’ve made will automatically be saved.

If that fails to load the page, then go back to the databases page, find the link again, and click it to relaunch the database. If it still comes up with the error message from Gale, refresh the page (hit the F5 keyboard button or click the “reload this page” button on the browser toolbar).

Gale Interface Changes Coming on April 2

11 03 2015

Gale is making a number of interface changes launching on April 2 that will:

  • make their interfaces more unified in appearance
  • be more accessible to searchers using assistive technology
  • offer a responsive design that works on all screen sizes

You can preview the changes ways:

  • on a special set of pages on the Gale site detailing the changes with screenshots
  • live in a preview mode in selected Gale resources (look for the “TRY NEW EXPERIENCE” icon in the top left corner)

Gale Virtual Reference Library--launch the new interface

This interface update will only affect a third of the databases we get from Gale:

  • Academic OneFile
  • Gale Virtual Reference Library
  • General One File
  • General Science Collection
  • Health Reference Center Academic
  • Infotrac Newsstand
  • New York State Newspapers
  • Opposing Viewpoints in Context

Biography in Context unavailable

4 03 2015

UPDATE 4 June 2015: This database is now available again.

Biography in Context is currently unavailable due to procurement issues.

Four New Gale Databases

27 01 2014

Now that NOVELNY is picking up the tab for the subscription to Opposing Viewpoints in Context, CUNY has been able to use those funds we had been using for that database for four new Gale databases instead. Here is a list of those new databases, the subject databases page they have been added to, and a brief description:

  • Global Issues in Context
    • Subjects: Current Events, Political Science, Public Affairs
    • Complements the Opposing Viewpoints in Context database. Less about pro/con and more news and reference info. Browsing by region/country yields a quick overview of issues for that location.
  • LitFinder
    • Subjects: English
    • Gale notes that it “includes approximately 140,000 full-text poems, 800,000 poem citations and excerpts, 7,100 full-text short stories and novels, 3,800 full-text essays, 2,000 full-text speeches and 1,700 full-text plays. It also includes biographies, work summaries, photographs and a glossary.”
  • Twayne’s Authors Series
    • Subjects: English
    • Another source of work overviews and criticism of novels, plays, poetry, and short stories.
  • World Scholar: Latin America and the Caribbean
    • Subjects: Black Studies, Caribbean Studies, History, Hispanic Studies, Latin American Studies
    • Offers primary source materials (especially documents and maps).

Two New Primary Source Databases from Gale

4 11 2013

We just added two new digital collections of primary sources to our database collections:

  • America in Protest: Records of Anti-Vietnam War Organizations, The Vietnam Veterans Against the War
  • Black Economic Empowerment: The National Negro Business League

These two collections join another one we’ve had for a while, The Savings and Loan Crisis: Loss of Public Trust and the Federal Bailout, 1989-1993, as part of the Archives Unbound platform from Gale. You’ll find link to these collections on the main databases page and on the history databases page. If there are other database pages where these should be listed, please let Mike know.