Instructors are required to complete several tasks on CUNYFirst through. These include for example

  • Class textbook assignments (prior to semester start),
  • Roster verification (early in the semester).
  • More information about verifying the roster can be found on this website.
  • Final grade submission (within given grading period, important!). Further information can be found here.
  • Note, Baruch Blackboard and CUNYFirst are not linked. Final Grades must be transferred from Baruch Blackboard into CUNYfirst.
  • General information about CUNYFirst including how to claim your CUNYFIRST account can be found here

Below you will find a list of helpful “how to” videos on how to complete these tasks on CUNYFirst:

CUNYfirst Basics: Entering Faculty Center (Faculty Center)

CUNYfirst Basics: Class Roster (Faculty Center)

CUNYfirst Basics: Course Information (Faculty Center)

Entering Text Book Information

Entering Grades