Greenies Dental Chews

Just like how proper dental care is important to us, your pets’ dental hygiene is also extremely important! There are many reasons why your pets’ dental care is crucial. An obvious fact would be, better breath! Properly taking care of your pet’s oral hygiene can prevent other health issues. One way of taking care of your pets’ oral hygiene is to brush their teeth regularly. They’re just like us, we need to brush our teeth daily to keep it clean. However, brushing your pets’ teeth is obviously a much complicated process compared to brushing our own teeth. Therefore, we offer Greenies Dental Chews. Not only will your pets enjoy these treats, is also delivers many oral health benefits. The treats are made with B-vitamins riboflavin, niacin and other vitamins and minerals that help with oral health. With Greenies’ formulation, the treat contains less calories and no artificial color, making it safe for your pets. The treats have also complied with VOHC (Veterinary Oral Health Council) for preventing plaque and tartar. Greenies state that their treats “delivers a four-in-one solution for oral health care: reduces plaque buildup, reduces tartar buildup, reduces bad breath, and helps maintain healthy gums.” Get these effective and adorable toothbrush shaped treats from prices ranging from $7-$30.

With the holiday season coming up, we also offer holiday value boxes!

Greenies® Dental Chews Dog Treats

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