Bored Cat?


Is your cat bored at home? Studies and tests have proven that bored cats at home, can lead to mental health issues such as, depression. Therefore, the One Fast Cat Exercise Wheel is a perfect simulator for your cats! When cats are bored, they tend to claw at your furniture and create unnecessary mess. With the Cat Exercise Wheel, your cats will focus their energy into running on the wheel. The wheel looks like a larger version to a hamster wheel, and requires no battery to operate. While your cat might need some training before using the wheel, they can easily use the wheel afterwards without human assistance. This wheel is also great to help cats that are heavier loose the extra calories. The product is also easy to set up, and a great way to keep your cats healthy and active.

The product can be purchased through our app for $190.00 (shipping included)!

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11. December 2016 by aw155977
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