Assignment #3

In the beginning of this assignment I first started with developing a comb that would be pocket size and foldable. As I began the conversation with my grandfather I was feeling out if he was noticing the problem I thought there was as a problem for himself as well. It leaned towards not being an actual problem but if there was a solution that wasn’t inconvenient he would be open to it. Then I presented to him the comb I made but he was not impressed with this idea and we shortly after began to brainstorm and innovated this product to a Wallet Comb; a product that is a comb in the size and shape as a credit card and will be able to fit into your wallet.. This way the problem of maintain long hair that people don’t see as a problem but as an innocence, this product has the ability to change that because of how easy and thoughtless it would be to always have it on you.

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