Hot or Not: DiorSkin AirFlash Foundation

The company Dior is well known for its beautiful fragrance line, and now it is becoming popular in the makeup world.

With the launch of the DiorSkin Airflash Spray foundation, the company describes the product as “the go-to solution for professional makeup artists, Dior’s Airflash is the first revolutionary spray foundation that brings airbrushed perfection to your daily makeup routine.”

The simple 2.3 ounce can come with a price, $62 U.S.

Yes, $62 is a lot for foundation, so here is why you get your money’s worth.The foundation comes with a little pamphlet with detailed instructions on how to apply the foundation to achieve a flawless complexion.

Without reading the reviews on the product, I went to Sephora to purchase this item for special upcoming events. IT WORKED LIKE A CHARM. This is coming from a teenage girl who struggles with acne and acne scars, and when I sprayed this foundation on, my imperfections were nowhere to be seen! It looked very effortless, and as I went through the hot summer days in New York City it did not melt off my face. The finish of this foundation makes the skin look healthy, luminous, and it stays all day with no need of reapplication. I didn’t expect it to be this good because it was high end, and these kind of products usually don’t carry a lot of product but it lasted months.

A user DeeNYC86 comments on the product on the Sephora website: “Initially I was flipflopping back n forth from getting either 500 and 600 because I seen so much YouTube video reviews of women who are deeper than me buy 600, I am NC 50 Mac and 177 makeup forever.

“I final settled for 600 and it is absolutely perfect for my skin tone.

“So my only gripe is Dior make deeper shades for women of color! Women want to wear this product so bad that they buy it even though it’s not their shade. Smh.”

I agree that the company should make more shades for its diverse audience, so they can get a chance to experience this beautiful product. Personally I am in the shade 400 Honey Beige and it matches perfectly, looks very natural and dewy. It is also very useful for the people who are on the go and don’t have to time to apply their makeup. You just spray this guy on and blend and you’re good to go.

Another reviewer on said, “After stalling for years and refusing to try this (“$62 for foundation? LOL/GTFO” – me), I finally gave in and bought it. I am so ANNOYED that this foundation is as perfect as it is, because I’ll have to keep shelling out big bucks for it. But you guys, honestly – it has all these positive reviews online for a reason. I can’t say anything that the rest of the reviewers haven’t already – the coverage is lightweight and natural-looking but somehow makes your skin look perfect and glow-y. (For reference, I have aging, combination skin with dryness around my eyes and a t-zone that tends to turn into an oil slick, but if you moisturize and prime appropriately, you’ll get a beautiful, perfect finish.) BUY IT.”

This is why I have continued to purchase this item from the DiorSkin line for two years now, and  never had a bad experience with this product.



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